Dating my skillet

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If you’ve been a fan of Skillet within the last few years, you’ve probably heard their song Lucy from their album Awake.The song is extremely emotional, and it seems that it immediately resonates with many, many people (I know that it sure did for me.) At previous concerts, and interviews, John Cooper (who is the lead singer and bassist of Skillet, and the author of this song) declined to detail what the song was about.

But because of Skillet, I’ve decided to name her Lucy! And trust God is there for you even if u cant find some person to help u. With the abortion theory why was she holding her stomach going for meds collapes and dies later…..explain plz Replythis song reminds me of my baby sister who oddly enough was named Lucy. It’s a true story, and makes me emotional every time I think of it, but I would like to share. My mothers name was Charlotte and I loved her dearly. When I was in labor, the baby, and I were both having heart problems, it was either me to live, or the baby, without the correct procedure. (My husband was unable to have children) we decided not to for a while, with two growing children, we needed time. When I was 41, we started signing papers for an adoption in Augusta.

Without judgment of who his parents were, they would be able to love him as the child they couldn’t have had any other way. A female friend of hers and a male friend of mine had a child out of wedlock.

Skillet, you have been my life line, my tears soaked pillow for the first few years of Foster care and adoption. He disappeared never to return, she held on, did not have an abortion and was chastised for it. My wife stood by her and was the only one to do so.

However, we like so many people do when they love each other and spend lots of time together, we started having sex. We had asked Gods forgiveness many times of these sins we felt to be unforgivable. The song the last night was made for a friend of John’s, and it is about a girl on the edge of suicide, and there is no way he would ever tell a concerts who’s abortion he is referring to. She never saw my home, in which I lived with my sister who was 23 at the time.

besides if you look at his other interviews he talks about his and Korry’s thoughts on having kids and a family, and they were nothing close to a story that would lead to an abortion. im not a fan of many years but a friend introduced me to your skillet music..

I lost my daughter Eden on her fathers birthday do to a cord accident when I was 34 weeks. If u do need help, my wife and I are here to help in any way we can. God bless Reply I think we are assuming a lot by saying John Cooper is the father of Lucy. when she was born the cord got rapped around her neck and she choked to death, and every time i listen to this song, i think of her. The couple who wanted to adopt, they had a 16 year old daughter, and they said they would pay for the procedure so both of us could live. I felt so sad, and I got depression, and I could barely walk. She left me with her two children, Mia and Melissa, aged 1 and 4. They came to us, and we were going to adopt two 6 year olds. There mom was beautiful and had lush hair just like me.

I gave birth the following day without my husband by my side due to the fact he was out to sea. The song reminds me of the pain that I go through each moment of the day. Reply My wife and I, before we were married were very active christians and served in our church faithfully. We were so filled with shame and guilt and were too embarrassed to go to our ministry leaders. Finally after many months, we talked w one of our ministers and confessed. Skillet has made many songs that have nothing to do with themselves and are based of other peoples painful stories. The baby, in whome I named Charlotte, she had to have surgery 3 days later for her heart. They promised to keep her name Charlotte because they were in love with her and her name. I had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks because of my heart problems and I could not get surgery. Years later, my sister was in a car accident on a bridge, a drunk driver hit her car, and she fell into a lake.

They didn’t know what to do when they found out that she was pregnant; they were young, they didn’t have any money, they were scared, they didn’t want to tell anybody, they didn’t know what to do, and the only option that they could see was to terminate the pregnancy. they went to a clinic, they had the procedure done, and at first they felt relieved that all their problems had gone away.

But then something happened that they did not expect…

Lucy.” Many people had their theories about what the song was about.. “Lucy” is about the pain that can follow an abortion..

it’s kind of ironic to me, as “Lucy” is one of the songs that I often sing to Kai when he is really upset, and it really helps calm him down..

I grew to love that boy, and at times wanted him back. I know someone who had an abortion and it really does change your life and how you act. Reply Im a fan of skillet and i heard of this song ‘Lucy’ many young boys and girl went throught like this, im just 15 year old but i think i understand what they been through even my sister also went through this but my sis suffer through and the baby is with us, lets get to the story this two young guys made a wrong desicion but it was great that they found out that what they do is wrong, after all i wish they were happy and God blessed them and get baptism.