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When Drake and Josh interrupt Megan's date, she says "I'm going to do such illegal things to them". Josh: 'Course we will...right after we teach Corey a little lesson. Megan: *Kisses Drake and Josh on the cheek* I love you guys... Drake and Josh tell Megan the truth about Corey and about how he is dating Monica, and how Corey lied to Megan.

To solve the problem, Drake and Josh apologize to Corey so he can go out with Megan again. Additionally, Rosalina is shown to be immature for her age, due to her initial cries over the sun blocking the stars, though this seems to subsided. , she thought it was perfectly acceptable to throw her plate of unwanted food at the wall, just because Jeffy, a twelve-year-old kid who also acts immature, does the same multiple times.Rosalina has pedophiliac tendencies, as shown in Jeffy's Brain!(where she imitates Mario being shocked by her sudden appearance in his house).In the same episode, she is revealed to have an evil and torturous side, as she terrifies Mario just for lying to her.However, Megan neglected to tell them that Corey knew kung fu. Josh: Drake, you are never gonna believe what happened!

In the end Megan did get her first, and second kiss.

She kisses Drake and Josh on the cheek and says "I love you guys." Corey: Give me your pants.

Mommy (Jeffy)Hot (Bowser Junior)Baby (Mario)Busty Tits (Bowser Junior)Loud Mouth (Does Bad Things Guy)Whore (Jeffy)Hoe (D-Money and Black Yoshi)Baby Girl (D-Money)Sweetheart (Brooklyn T.

Megan is angered by this, and proceeds to break up with Corey while Monica breaks up with Corey as well right after revealing the truth to Megan that she was once his girlfriend.

Megan asks Drake and Josh to take her home and they agreed to it after they wanted to "teach Corey a lesson".

, in which she flirts with Jeffy just because of his French accent.