Dating gerstner tool boxes

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Dating gerstner tool boxes - speed dating tete a claque

We have yet to have a GI series chest returned for quality issues.

Many Gerstner "purists" have been rather vocal in their dislike of our decision to offer an imported product since we have always been known as an example of the best of what the USA has to offer.In fact, most people who have seen the Gerstner International chests at the trade shows walk right up to them and explain to their friends that they "have the exact same chest from their Dad" - so for an initial inspection, they fool the Gerstner USA owners in the "looks" department!It is our intention not to offer the same styles of chests made in the USA as our GI series chests.I can sympathize with their feelings, however it is our job to insure that Gerstner USA remains in business offering our American made line of chests into our next 100 years as well.This import line has done - to date - exactly what we had hoped it would do.For the real Gerstner "purist" - I would hope they are happy to see us take whatever steps are necessary in order to provide future generations with the same high quality American made products upon which we have established our 105-year reputation. If you want the "original" Gerstner - the USA division stands ready to meet that need.

Click Here - To learn more about Gerstner USA Products. If you want a really good chest at a super economical price, Gerstner International is here for you too.

And if I buy one am I getting a real Gerstner tool chest?

In this day and age of overseas competition we took a look at the copies of our chests already coming in to the USA and realized that there is a large demand for a good chest at an economical price.

I went to a garage sale with my wife, asked the lady if she had any tools.

I think the ones built in the US are a real work of art.

About 00-1500 worth of stuff even at bargain prices, she probably would have jumped at 0. The Gerstner still contains a lot of what he had in it even though I don't use all of that stuff. Besides, I've got two other tool boxes of his to hold "my" stuff. It functions as well today as the day it was made which was probably in the 1940's. Good enough that they wouldn't let him go to fight in WWII. There were tiny bits he crafted in everything from Redstone to Apollo. So the very few really old heirlooms I have of his were from his work. I went to a garage sale with my wife, asked the lady if she had any tools.

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