Dating fashion magazines

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In the seventies, emerged a new kind of magazine, celebrity magazine.The first issue of Some have predicted the death of the magazines, just like they have predicted the death of the newspapers in the 90’s, but neither newspapers died, and neither will the magazines.

The success of the magazine was great, but the costs of every issue were even higher.Printing cost was high, and the number of printed copies could not be greater than one hundred thousand, because it was technically impossible to squeeze a larger amount of paper through the machine.Distribution was also a big problem because it was difficult to move large quantities of magazines at great distances.was a provocative magazine for a younger audience, and it consisted of erotic photos and intelligent articles.Its editors wanted to attract new younger generation, who wanted to differentiate from their parents, and in this they succeeded.Wolf was succeeded by Sam Antupit, who continued to create wonderful designs until the end of the 60s.

Literary greats that wrote for Esquire were Dos Passos, Salinger, Huxley, Camus, Steinbeck, Pirandello and many other great pens of that era.With technological progress, increased circulation, and increasing use of images, magazines are becoming increasingly attractive to advertisers.The first advertising agency was established in 1890 and from that point on advertising started to flourish.While I could write a book on the topic of magazine history I will briefly describe the history of the magazines and tell you some of the most interesting details about them.Although this is long article it is probably one of the shortest on the topic of the magazine history because I have not mentioned many magazines that left their significant mark in the publishing industry. It was a literary and philosophical edition and after it was launched several periodicals with very similar topics were published, and were intended for an intellectual audience.During the 19th century, increasing attempts was made to cut the price of the magazines.