Dating a traveling consultant

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Another thing to note is that just becoming a consultant doesn’t automatically give you first class service on airlines and hotels. You’ll spend numerous hours dealing with delayed flights, lost luggage, and loud, family travelers before United finally gives you a free cheese plate during your flight.

Also, while the idea of getting a variety of projects may seem appealing at first, the scenario can quickly wear out its welcome.Every top MBA program places a significant number of graduates in the consulting function.The high salaries, variety of projects, and fast-paced work environment all encourage MBAs to propel themselves onto this career path.The stats show that most consultants don’t last beyond three years, with very few ever being considered for partner.Eventually the travel, the politics, and the workload all catch up to you.The staffing process, which had been sold to me as “endless variety,” seemed to be better characterized as “unfair randomness.” Hoping to get on that sexy, channel marketing strategy project and utilize your marketing degree?

Well, if your partners are only selling Oracle implementations, that’s what you’ll be staffed on.

Some of the ones I saw showcased an extremely busy partner, who had an overwhelming work schedule, but managed to spend time with his family and had a great relationship with his kids.

Strange how most other career tracks don’t make such a hard sell…

Despite everything I’ve mentioned above, I know I benefited from the time I spent in management consulting.

I developed a great problem solving capability and a strong tolerance for ambiguity.

If the pre-emptive sales pitch wasn’t a giveaway, let me put it very simply: your work life balance will likely suck.

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