Dating a touring musician

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The songwriter said his true coming to Jesus moment happened after he went back on the road and realized he wasn't strong enough to withstand the temptation that comes with that lifestyle."I convinced myself that I could do it, so I went and I fell right back into the same lifestyle that I had been living," he said, explaining that that was his final tour in Europe with the rock band.

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It was a pretty easy transition for me."Williams says he's not sure if there was an actual addiction to drugs and alcohol, but knows he was always trying to fill something that was missing in his life.His parents, he said, did everything they could to bring him up in the ways of the Lord, but when Williams entered high school he took full advantage of his free will."I think that the decisions I've made and the things that happened in my life are all just the results of me taking my eyes off of the Lord and turning my back on the things that I had been raised around and taught," he said.As a young athlete he took an interest in basketball, but then started making some bad choices by hanging out with teenagers who didn't have a relationship with Jesus."Who you're around really plays a part in what you do.Before surrendering his life to Jesus, Williams remarried while still touring with his rock band.While off the road he and his wife started attending a church with their children.You may be selling merch’ after the show and here, smiling is very important.

You make every effort to remain not just good-humored, but warm and gracious.

"When that happened, I started filling that hole with drugs.

And when I moved to college I ended up getting a scholarship to play at a junior college.

You just kind of live doing what you want to do for yourself and you don't worry about how that's going to affect your future or your family," Williams explained.

"I do believe that my parents instilling those beliefs in me at such a young age is what brought me back.

The multi-talented artist subsequently dropped out of college with only 30 hours left to complete a design degree.