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Please note that chapter 14 is not linked properly from within the story. I've never felt a need to rate anything by Melissa Good. Melissa Good tells stories that anyone can read and therefore can be placed within easy reach on the bookshelf, this one has to be placed higher.. - Bronte - Jul-10-2012 One of my favorites - sassy123 - Jul-11-2012 Loved all the Dar and Kerry Series, this one is no different. Extra comment: on this page, your question below actually reads "How would *your* rate this story? Thanks for this site, and the opportunity to comment!

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They soon realize that there is more behind the search for the treasure of the Pharaoh than they thought at first... - Leonitis - Oct-03-2016 Lots of twists and turns and threading plots through the eye of a needle. it really is amazing to have such a compelling story with such incredibly complete characters who seem utterly realistic. I'm at a loss of words to describe such a talented writter. And I'm voracious enough of a ff reader to have stumbled upon various stories of that fandom. But be sure to have secured enough free time for that because in my experience those are read in one sitting stories. I certainly felt as if the writer was able to create very real situations that draw the reader in-- and her dialog is done very well, although sometimes it isn't clear who says what. It was a sweet coming of age story, but it was very well written with enough of an imaginative story line to keep me interested. at things heating up and Kiry getting a little evil that's what this can expect the next in the series. A marvelous storyline, i love how they transverse between past and present, the characters are so real... Has everything you need to brighten up your day with a moving story about a love that is profound and lasts forever. And at the end, I want to read a sequel -- and I'd be content just to read about their everyday life. I can't wait to know what's going to happen((( It's torture, guess, what I should follow an example the worker to a museum and learn patience? Cant wait for the next half, hopefully you post it soon. Run don't walk to read, It will be well worth yourtime spent ion doing so. Thank you for the hours of enthralling entertainment - quite simply - YOU ROCK! - Anonymous - Jan-22-2011 This has got to be the best story I have read in a long time. If the second and third part aren't posted in two days I will start sending demons per post! This is a great story with excellent characterizations in the Trek universe. Rayna Merris is infinitely intriguing and the rest of the Voyager Family are expertly portrayed, with amazing depth and feeling. Thanks, Pat - Pat - Dec-21-2008 The first J/f story I've read that doesn't have me wishing it were J/7 instead. A wonderful story by an equally wonderful storyteller. - jaq - Aug-07-2010 There doesn't seem to be any time period or situation that this bard can't write about. - Anonymous - Aug-21-2010 A must read, as is the rest of the series. Never a dull moment, I couldn't put it down, I would HIGHLY recommend this story to any fan! (And thanks for truly steamy sensual scenes with that splash of hot sauce (kink).) - amy beltaine - Oct 26th, 2004 The best story about The Conqueror! Although I never met you I felt a connection through your brilliant work. thank you LJ Maas for sharing with us your gift and imagination. - Lisa - Aug-17-2016 I read 'The Fletcher' and I was impressed. - - Dec-14-2010 after reading Gray Line, and loving it, I wanted to read more by these two authors and picked this one because of the many positive reviews. Read them all twice at least ;-)) - Fran - May-11-2008 A writer who answers the unspoken question... - Roxy Trek - Mar 7th, 2004 I must agree with Roxy here... There are few novels that i feel are worthy of a comment, and this is absolutely one of them! In this novel, the author had skillfully created her own characters and another world that are full of life and intrigue. And though the novel is quite a long read, I didn't want it to end. Damn me that has started to read while it definitively isn't finished. and thank the Goddess the beta-reader did a good job - bookgeek - Dec-27-2010 Awesome story! - Christi - Dec-31-2010 Consistently brilliant writing - amazingly rich charactarisations and spellbinding storylines - absolutely, unquestionably the best writing duo out there in fanfic land. - sue4rab - Jan-10-2011 Very enjoyable read and captivating. - Bren - Jan-14-2011 Do yourself a favor and read Gray Line. Witty dialogue, ass kicking heroines, a ghost or two. - C - Jan-19-2011 i just finished reading it, AND I WANT MORE!!!!!! - bren - May-03-2008 I may not hold my breath until I am purple as I am waiting for the next chapters to arrive, but I am eagerly hoping the next installment arrives soon. Lots of atmosphere, lots of intrigue and lots of humor that is so much Dylan. - Anonymous - Aug-01-2010 Considering we all knew how this was going to end even before reading the first line, it's a very touching story about how circumstances push two people together to a conclusion that was already written. Thanks, LJ for checking your spelling and grammar and painting word pictures that stay with you for years afterward. - Leth Cross - Nov 1st, 2005 Truely one of the best. - Sai - Nov 1st, 2005 the greatest conqueror series ever written. When she finds herself alive instead she struggles to pick up the pieces and find her way again. I have no idea what Mass Effect is but after reading this I am going to go figure it out. If you're not into Mass Effect, this'll certainly whet your appetite for it. - kcl - Apr-23-2013 I'm not a Mass Effect gamer but you don't need to be in order to enjoy this story. The reader is drawn into a world that blends story and romance together beautifully. - Anonymous - Jan-29-2016 This story is set after Mass Effect 3 and anyone who has played the videos game is aware the ending sucked, so many people have created their own endings. even if you never in your life heard of the Resident Evil series, it will be no problem for you. - real_heh - Jan-13-2017 Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver (The): The First Adventure, Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver (The): The Second Adventure, Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver (The): The Third Adventure, Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver (The): The Fourth Adventure, Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver (The): The Fifth Adventure, Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver (The): The Sixth Adventure, Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver (The): The Seventh Adventure, Mildly Exciting Adventure of Greer Watson (The), Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver (The): The Final Adventure Read this series, it is phenomenal. - Anonymous - Jul-17-2006 Outstanding, have a box of tissues ready and a stress ball handy, because the story takes you on a journey that is so intense at times and has so much magnatism, you just have to get to the end, the stress ball will help when you just wanna slap a character silly, and the tissues for the soppy/happy bits. I you wanna feel the power of desire, admiration, love and fate... - reader - Aug-02-2009 Another great one by Kimbo - Angelicrainbw - Oct-12-2009 Ahhh..... I enjoyed this so much that I'm planning on purchasing it. Read this u will not be sorry xxxxx - SD - May-19-2015 Simpley put : One of the greats! Very nice for Dash and Kiri ;) - Yani - Mar-10-2009 It really is a charming, cute story. If you like modern or futuristic stories, this one is a must read! I've read about 50 different fanfic mass effect endings and this is by far one of the best. Loved every single story and I wish there were more. It's been a while since I read it, but I'm starting it again. - Luv Tigger71 - Aug-01-2006 This is one of my favorites, read it. Do read it if you havent yet and re read it if you have. - Anonymous - Mar-17-2009 this is an adorable story. - kc - Jul-27-2010 This is such a wonderfully sweet story! Thanks Pink Rabbit for a wonderful story and GREAT reading experience. Yes, I have said it before, I am a huge vamp fan and I would not be posting a comment on a bad or boring story. Great read and really look forward to the next part. - gayzer - Feb-25-2009 This is the BEST story I've read in a very long time. Be prepared to lose sleep because you can't stop reading until it is finished. "begging on my knees" - anon-ee-mouse - Mar-09-2009 This was such a great read ... - Lucian - Oct-09-2009 I usually dont go for Vampire stories. - Lea Ann - Nov-26-2009 I'm not a fan of vampire stories but I was completely swept away by this one and am hoping they'll write the sequel soon! Once I was finished, I recommended it to my friend. - Anonymous - Mar-05-2010 **** SPOILER ALERT **** Please, please, please don't end it here with the bad guys winning. I never thought I would enjoy a "vampire" story - this one had me hooked ! - Anonymous - Mar-13-2010 This desperately needs a sequel - Anonymous - Mar-26-2010 Amazing read, but..I miss something? [Editor's Note: Well, according to the authors This story is also very loosely, very loosely, a prequel to Chance. 4-17-2010] - Anonymous - Apr-03-2010 WONDERFULLY AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT STORY! Hopefully there will be much more about Alsea and much more of this great bard! This is story telling at it's finest..highest praise and recommendation!!! Excellent action combined with real character development. I think Friction is one of the greatest bards in the Xenaverse. - BYL - Mar-14-2006 I can't get this story out of my head. LJ states that it is not typical of a conquoror story, but if you are a fan of this genre, or if like me are a bit reluctant I encourage you to try it. Your stories LJ will live on and because of that you will also live on. - sumner - Jul-19-2008 This story and it's two companion pieces are my all time favorite story. There has been nor will there ever be a better writer then LJ Maas. - xardok - Jan-23-2009 This is the best author and the best series, ever! - Meg - Feb-23-2010 LJ Maas was one of the best, if not the best writers in all of Xena fanfic Her xharecters are well developed & very beleivable. If you have not read the series yet, I am envious since it means you get to read it for the first time. - xtra dog - Mar-22-2012 i've read this story a year ago and i want to rate it, because i loved it and i'm reading it again! - braniac - Apr-28-2012 This was one of the best stories I have ever read she will be missed by me it makes me so sad to know that this great write is gone. - Ebby - Dec-31-2012 This was one of the best stories I have ever read she will be missed by me it makes me so sad to know that this great write is gone. - Ebby - Dec-31-2012 Even in death we can still hear your voice, thank you for your wonderful stories - Feralpixi - Mar-20-2013 *THE* best Conqueror Series ever. May your star continue to shine bright and may your rest ever eternal. As a historian, I applaud you in your research in Ancient Greek culture and history.

- colorado fan - Oct-20-2012 Good work - lita - Dec-26-2013 And A Door Opens, Shaman's Legacy, Pathfinder, Pathfinder's Journey, Shoot the Sun, Tales in the Making, Diplomacy, Wave Dancer, First Comes Love, Choices, Tomorrow is What You Make It, Dark Sunset, People of Stones, Different Path (A), Trade Winds, World Held Hostage, Of Fate and Family, Destiny Unraveled, Faith Conquers All, Daughter of the Sun really enjoyed this story out of the whole series! Don't make us wait too long for the sequel, please! it begs for a sequel, please - Anonymous - Jun-19-2009 PLEASE PLEASE write a sequel! - Jeanius - Jul-17-2009 It's am I just finished reading this and all I can say is (ONE HELL OF A RIDE). Hopefully there will be a sequel soon so my friend can stop telling me how mad she is at me for making her read it. Please i'm having withdrawal syndrome here, sweating, fuzzing and groaning til i've read the sequel. - Anonymous - Sep-26-2009 This is one of the best Sci Fi I have read in many years. - Parker - Dec-06-2010 I normally wait until stories are finished before starting, but for Windstar and Zee I can't resist! - JC - Mar-01-2013 This is a fascinating look into the future. - Anonymous - May-31-2013 I have read this novel *three* times: first, biting my nails each month waiting for the next installment, and twice since then - gorging myself on a beautifully written sci-fi adventure saga. Can't wait to see what this fertile imagination comes up with next! I am only sorry that I was not able to tell LJ how much I enjoyed her work, and that she was taken too soon as she had stories still to write and life to enjoy. May you rest well and I truly believe the dead can hear our thoughts. - Nicole - Apr-11-2008 This is the first Conqueror story I've read. You are greatly missed LJ, but you live forever in your stories. - Anonymous - Jan-28-2009 Amazing..all time favorite Conqueror fanfic. I'm so sad the author passed away, but she gave us a great gift before she left. To all who come across this bard, I suggest you read all of her works.

Patiently (well, not really) waiting for the third installment. I finished The Archer with both hands covering my mouth & my eyes wide open. Loved the characters (gata its cute),laughed and was sad in some parts. I must say, i am a sucker for a good old heartwrencher, and LJ Maas has produced an excellent example. Pleeeeeease read this, it's a beautifl love story :) - Norja - Oct 23rd, 2004 LJ Maas is one of the great bards to come out of the xenaverse. - Kim - Nov 1st, 2005 This story is one of the best I have ever read, heartwarming, loving and real, everyone should read it, should be a film, play & book, We will all miss your work, rest now xx. [*] - Aquarius G - Nov 10th, 2005 It was the first long story I ever read and it's the best story ever! It's so damn fantastic I can't even describe it with words - Leigh - Apr-02-2006 Wow!!! A wonderful, powerful story that should be read by all. It undermines the author's creativity as described. - melktert - Feb-21-2009 This is a great spin-off of a great series! It grabs the reader from the beginning and does not let go. - Ibnh - Feb-23-2011 As with everything you two write, this is brilliant work!! BEST new story I have read in years, cant wait for a sequel.... - Dec-12-2012 Just great to discover a story you wish wouldn't end and are reluctant to put down! - Anonymous - Dec-23-2012 One of the best stories there is, I slept late and woke up at the break of dawn just to read this, though, I can't get pass page 21, can somebody tell me what's going on? OMG (Oh Melissa Good), you are a gifted writer, I just wish I could find the link to page 22. - mackdido - Dec-28-2012 Here is a link to the complete story in PDF format. Anonymous - Dec-28-2012 I have read every book by this author so far and this lives up to all of her other work. Beautifully done and I eagerly await the next installment! - Ash K - Dec-25-2014 EXCELLENT SEQUEL TO "CHANCE"!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this one because it belongs to my favourite series. - uber goober - Sep-07-2010 i don't like prequels in general.. (And I'm really tired, too.) I like the way you brought closure for both Gabrielle and Xena in terms of Perdicus. And for people who like erotic stuff, this can be quite..educational. takes a little bit to get into the characters but love every minute of it. I'm in the process of re-reading all of your works in your memory. :) It's so good; I can't wait to see what happens with Anton and Gwynneth. - Asgard229 - Nov-19-2006 Is this story ever going to be finished?

The Archer seems to continue the story line, but it builds. I hope it addicted in the first set and even more in turned a all the pta days left to see if the new .... I read the fletcher And the archer in one day and was trapped in the story before the end of the first chapter. I hope the authors decide to have a sequel; please, please please. i find that i can easily picture them, which always makes a reading easier! READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *applause* - Snuff - Mar 14th, 2004 This is my favourite story and i reccommend it to everyone! It is absolutely one of the best I have ever read!! I was pleasantly surprised that it had little to do with the "Voyager" and hope that the web host of the Athenaeum would not refer it as such. I actually read the first half in one sitting, it was that good. - Krysta - Dec-31-2010 This is truly a remarkable story. Compelling characters, great plot hooks and enough sexual tension to make the screen steam. Great story, but leaving traders like this is brutal. Would love to see a sequel - kaylis - Dec-18-2012 Absoulutely fantastic read... This is a story that keeps your interest constantly, never a dull moment. - Tracey - Dec-22-2012 Awesome..adictitive couldn't stop reading. - Anonymous - May-22-2008 You've got a winner here, Trekgrrl. These 2 strong,powerfulwomen are both equally vulnerable. It was so easy to enjoy and appreciate Rayna Merris, and Captain Janeway was written true to form. Reyna Merris is one of the best character ever - in fandom and beyond. Each and every one is believable and highly entertaining. Whilst this particular story has a lot of angst, the series is a joy to read. - cassie - Sep-01-2010 Once again Aurelia writes an entertaining tale that draws you in and leaves you thinking about it when your done. I liked the choice of the different endings that allows the reader to decided how they want it to end. - Kat - Jan-11-2008 This was a very enjoyable read..that I couldn't stop until I finished it. - Gay Now (Car) - Feb-09-2008 Needs better weaving, and more convincing reasons for the actions, but is ok. - CJ - Jun-06-2009 wow~~~ this story contains so much energy and emotions. Definitely one of the best I have read - Xena - Mar-12-2010 Ok, so I have never commented on a story before, but with this one I could not resist! - blazinangelwings - Nov 2nd, 2005 LJ MAAS, I always loved your name. My only regret is that I think I only 'fed' you once or twice for your great output of works. Honestly - If you miss this one, you're missing out.

- JT - May-20-2017 Based on experiences of Commander Jess Shepard, Alliance Soldier and Human Spectre. If you're a fan of the video games, you'd be impressed with the consistency and the developement of your old favourites. - Hall - Apr-02-2013 Wonderful sci-fi adventure story. - Anonymous - Apr-08-2013 I was not familar with the Mass Effect world, but still enjoyed this story very much. - Katrina - Apr 9th, 2005 Simply a terrific story with well drawn characters! - x/g fanfic fanatic - Feb-02-2010 I finish reading this story some time ago, and now I'm not able to stop looking for these two authors. - Anonymous - Oct-06-2012 I have re-read this story twice now and I believe that this will stay one of my favorites along with her other book of "Wild". - Kerowyn - Mar-02-2009 I so fell in love with this.

Jess Shepard was certain the end to the Reapers would be the end to her as well. If you're a fan of the video games, you'd be impressed with the consistency and the developement of your old favourites. If you're not into Mass Effect, this'll certainly whet your appetite for it. The tech nerd in me is wondering if there will be a prequel? - Anonymous - Apr-19-2013 Thank you for giving Shepard the ever after she deserves. It truly was a well written narrative that soothed my heart after it had been crushed by Bioware's lame ending. (come on, we all do, let's be honest) if you do, then this is for you. Kim and Alexa are outstanding writers - their stories draw me in every time! - kds - Mar-06-2009 I'm a little late, but just can't help tell how much I've loved this story. Not really XWP [Corrected 5-12-2009] - ficfan C - May-11-2009 very good sotry a must read!!! It such a great pleasure to find such a wonderfull work, because Pritekel and Hoffman make you feel every emotion of their characters. I love how detailed the characters are and how true the feelings progress. - Anonymous - Jun-10-2014 What to say AMAZING is one word this was my favourite from these author . And like what the others said.original - gay turtles hehehe, who would have thought! I even had to look up about their egg hatching and its true, painted ones doesnt need male to lay eggs..

Jess and Dev's continuing adventures as Jess deals with the consequences of her fathers plans, and Dev faces the thing she fears the most. Very impressive writing with an equally impressive cast of characters. it is by a long way my single favorite piece of fiction here or anywhere. I was so into the story that i even read part of it at work! - memetricote - Oct-31-2010 quite possibly one of the absolute best ubernovels out there. Great plot, amazing characters, exceptionally well written. I know the usual canon couples as well as different original characters in this 'verse; among them all those series are without a doubt one of the best in my mind. She really could use a beta reader to tidy up, help with sentence structure.

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