Dating a finance guy blog

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Dating a finance guy blog

But when it comes to down time with his lady, he prides himself on doing precisely the opposite.

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Comment on his abs, his single chin, or — better yet — those underappreciated lats and delts. Through an elaborate series of maneuvers he has endeavored to keep this truth at bay, but if some bizarre extraterrestrial force or government policy somehow destroys the markets and his life, you’ll have a much better chance of survival if you can remember the good times, when there were seven cars to choose from and a working refrigerator. Every modified share price estimate, every hiccup in commodities futures, every incremental movement of the Euro (while it exists) to the dollar is scrupulously studied.

These promo videos show how you can create an edit Word, Power Point, and Excel files on your Android phone.

To be perfectly honest, if you’re doing detailed and complicated work in Microsoft Office, chances are you’re not going to be using your Android phone (or any phone for that matter) to fix a “N/A” formula in your Excel file.

Having a Google Calendar doesn’t just tell you what’s due, but also the time you’ve allocated to complete the task and of course the due date.

For more complicated projects, we’ve been using Trello which also has a due date feature, but it ends up being more of a tool to keep track of projects you’re working on where the due date could change.

Provide false directions to a new restaurant so that you can glimpse a new neighborhood and its slightly sinister inhabitants before a quick course-correction. Research the latest wine-storage innovations and stare at the gathering clouds on the horizon. Bring home something from the butcher that still appears animal.

Turn to another news channel, feigning a problem with the remote control. With this app you can track the compound interest on your savings in real time.Is being organized and fiscally responsible the new sexy? If you need more proof, there’s an action movie coming out with Ben Affleck called The Accountant. These commercials won’t blow your mind like the Dove commercials about beauty.But in our world of Excel, we’ll take what we can get.In fact, my eyes may still have that glassed over look to them because I feel like I'm still recovering. Even he likes to let his hair down occasionally in his high-rise offices. Even the most successful Wall Street man will flub a credit default swap now and then. It is important to remember that when he does his job well, many lives elsewhere could be ruined, but when he does something wrong, there is a fair chance he will get a stern finger-wag from his superior, and will in those rare moments feel vulnerable and unloved.You might have casual Fridays, or even Summer Fridays (all you agency folks out there), but that doesn’t mean you should slack off on building up your Excel skills and learning how to be productive.