Dating a bach trumpet

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Dating a bach trumpet - tender website dating

This is a beginning, a starter list, of serial numbers we are accumulating.We have previously guessed at the dates as the only verified purchase dates we have are P. Eldredge's Citation serial 2549 purchased April 13, 1959.

As far as I can tell there is no specific meaning to each number other than to differentiate one from others.

) 1xxx : Standard 2xxx : Standard 3xxx : Intermediate 4xx : Intermediate (Rotary only) 4xxx : Intermediate 5xxx : Allegro (introduced 2010 - , intermediate?

introduced 2005-) 9xxx : Custom 9xxx : Custom Artist (Allen Vizzutti, Bergeron, etc...) As you can see there is quite a lot of varience in the way models are described, breaking away from the Range/Key/Bore/Model number structure.

EDIT: I have realized that this description is not actually correct for the last number.

It basically alternates between a "0" or a "5" (with a few exceptions).

As well, the brochure link at the top gives a 1939 copyrighted brochure showing the Blessing-clone type horns which may or may not be a clue.

But since the dates on these seem to be all over the board, we are removing the dates unless verified by the owner.The serial lists can be deceiving, you never really know what you are buying until you get it.Many lower numbers are not really his early horns, but imported from W Germany - post war (as Mück expanded his market, he stopped building all his own horns).This is made more confusing as Yamaha themselves market some particular trumpets with an "S" in their marketing material but not actually stamped on the same instument, eg: the Xeno Artist Series trumpets, only available in silver plate but marketed by Yamaha as YTR-8445CHS in all of their published material.When you look at the actual instruments, they are stamped as YTR-8445CH.These W German versions may have a very large bore .472"...

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