Date and dash speed dating

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Date and dash speed dating - carbon dating in massachusetts

It’s a weird event, because it implies that everyone there feels like their income is a defining part of who they are.

’ To be honest, I’m not really sure I would have chosen a speed dating evening based on income if I’d known.(He later spent four minutes with Miss 32 discussing the virtues of the Northern Line! I think there were 14 men, and 10 girls, though GENUINELY one girl left after just two dates!!!) Other highlights of my evening included a man telling me (seemingly endlessly) about how amazing he is in his job, a small impish man becoming my temporary gay best friend, and a stream of men refusing to sit on the chair opposite me, and awkwardly coming to join me on the restricted couch space. I guess she had a similar approach to dating as Girl Number 1 at the Slow Dating Clapham event!) The other one spent 4 minutes winding me up that my future husband was in the room!Becoming a cat lady was genuinely a more attractive option! I was looking forward to being able to talk to the other girls and laugh about some of the awful dates we’d all just experienced!One told me a particularly enchanting story of climbing Scafell Pike whilst drinking an entire bottle of wine, and then driving 150 miles straight afterwards …

(without realising he’d just inadvertently told me he drank drove 150 miles ….Or even just a room full of people who have a social life away from a computer!A guy’s earnings have never really been a big deal, because I’m quite happy to support myself.Of the 14 men, I would say only 3 maximum would ever normally go to a bar for anything other than a speed dating event, and of those 3, two were absolutely smashed!As in eyes shining, downing a full beer in the 4 minute date, no personal space drunk!So, despite less than impressive evenings with Slow Dating in Clapham, and Last Night a Speed Date Changed My Life, in Shoreditch, this week Miss 32 and I have been speed dating yet again. It was only actually after we got to the bar that we realised what the supposedly ‘elite’ element of the evening was.

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