Consolidating multiple itunes 9 libraries

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Consolidating multiple itunes 9 libraries - dating longmont

Note that drag & drop files within MB conforms to the Windows standard behavior: - Move to the same drive - Copy to a different drive - Hold Shift to force move - Hold Ctrl to force copy If your music files are scattered across different folders and you want to make copies of them when imported, then you will really miss i Tunes' consolidate library feature.

Open i Tunes on the new computer and insert the external media device into the computer.As the screenshot shows, computer node can display only selected folders if you choose and enable filtered folder option.Also it can show all files from sub-folders in the main panel by enabling "Include file from sub-folders" option.This method takes more time than Home Sharing, but it’s good if you have an unreliable Internet connection.Find the i Tunes folder by going to “i Tunes” and then “Preferences” if you are using a Mac, or “Edit” and then “Preferences” on a PC.MB has more advanced features for importing and managing new files than i Tunes.

You can make MB keep watching specific folders for new media files (monitored folders setting).

If you don’t currently have an Apple ID, then you can create one through the Apple website for free.

Start by turning on Home Sharing on the old computer, or the one hosting all of the files.

Also you can make those new files either getting added straight to the library (add to library) or staying in inbox until tagging or other actions is done for the files (add to inbox).

It's also possible to get the files moved automatically to designated folders by configuring library settings for either library (auto-organization) or inbox (auto-sweep).

Click “Advanced” to find the location of the folder.

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