Consolidating acreage

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Consolidating acreage

The third block is a modified four-point star in yellow, orange, and brown.It was an enjoyable project for them to work on this winter.”202 South 3rd Street, Raymond"Norwegian""UNI Panther""We both retired in Febrauary 2012 and friends gave us a 4x4 barn quilt to be made by the Bremer County Extension Office.

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Mike wanted UNI purple and gold colors and I wanted Norwegian colors - red, white, and blue.Turn-by-turn directions for the West Black Hawk County Barn Quilt Tour are available to download and print HERE.The tour includes 13 locations, 24 quilts and 2 businesses.We also wanted it to be unique to those usually seen on barns with the bolder, bright colors, and yet colorful with ties to our rural life.The square we chose is called ‘Double Aster.’ We have a real fondness for flowers; especially those with soft colors which led us to choose this pattern. These are vibrant and showy when seen from the road, yet still compliment our yard landscaping.We plan to put a fourth barn quilt on the end of the machine shed.”6804 Fitkin Road, Cedar Falls"Whirlwind""8 Point Star""4 Point Star Modified"Wayne and Maxine Fitkin are the owners of this Century Farm at 6804 Fitkin Road in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Wayne and his sons, Steve and Jim, farm the land and wanted to honor those family members who farmed the land before them by making the three barn quilts.

I had customers approaching me for three or four years suggesting we had the perfect barn for a quilt.

I liked the idea but had some resistance from my husband, Tim.

I can see it from our kitchen window and enjoy it every day.

It was painted by Jan Jefferson of Dunkerton, Iowa.”3845 East Big Rock Road, Waterloo"Windmill""I have been a quilter since approximately 1985.

Driving time of he tour is approximately 2.5 hours.9406 Barclay Road, Dunkerton"4 Tulips"“This barn quilt was a complete surprise from my husband, Gene, to me.

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