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After getting a call, he and Kobe head to the factories as well.

Seeing her talents in animation, she accepts the request and begins a friendship with the lonely girl.

While there, Kobe sees an ethereal entity come out of the basement, but is saved when Laura bumps into him.

She tells him that Marina is not there, but he suggests that they look in the basement.

Unable to delete the videos or deactivate her account, Laura's Facebook friend count continues to drop.

Soon after, Laura finds that she is being stalked by Marina's vengeful spirit, who promises to make her "lonely".

Marina tries to apologize to Laura who unfriends her on Facebook.

Seeing her number of friends down to zero, she angrily closes her laptop.Marina is not found in the basement, but while searching, Kobe is separated from Laura. When she turns him around and asks what's wrong, he apologizes and says, 'You can't be lonely if you're dead.' He then stabs her, hoping to kill her in order to save him and Tyler.However, Laura overpowers him and manages to escape.However, when Laura shares a picture of herself at her birthday dinner – to which Marina was not invited – Marina publicly and angrily confronts Laura at her college campus.In the quarrel, Laura accidentally pushes Marina and her hood falls off, revealing Marina's hairless head, and she runs away.However, before Kobe could kill Laura, Marina's wasps start attacking Kobe, killing him.

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