Conn vintage one trumpet dating

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Conn vintage one trumpet dating - delicious hotlist not updating

At the age of nineteen on 8 August 1863 he was elevated to the rank of Captain.During the Assault on Petersburg on 30 July 1864, Conn was wounded and taken prisoner.

It's a nice looking horn, but without sufficient lighting it can be a bit hard to tell the difference between the regular brass and the rose brass bell color.Conn sounded 'warmest' probably the gold/red brass.My first horn had a solid copper bell so I like that sound so I'm prejudiced.Bach sounded like you were simply very comfortable with it, but it's actual sound quality was not as impressive as the Conn or Yamaha.Getzen sounded forced as if you were fighting the valves, the small hand space and concentrating on those things to the detriment of the sound.After doing a web-search for a benge 5b mouthpiece I learned that its not widely found.

Still bach makes a trumpet mouthpiece that is commercially available in that size which doesn't have to be custom ordered.

If I do end up with this horn, I'll have to have it removed. The valves started out VERY stiff, even worse than the Getzen.

Also, since the valves are nearly flush with the casing when depressed, it's difficult for me to play flat fingered --something which I do fairly often. After a lot of oil and movement, they have improved a little.

I'm guessing that it's comparable to the benge 5b mouthpiece, and will offer the same comfort, warmth, and range as the benge. The Bach for me remains the best made horn no matter what new trumpet makers say.

BTW i heard the demo for the Bach, Getzen and Xeno.

Like the Getzen, this horn will take some getting used to due to its physical characteristics.

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