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Schema Constraint Checker.class reader.xmlschema.parser. Abstract Inline Annotation Reader Impl.class v2.model.annotation.

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That information, along with your comments, will be governed by DISQUS’ privacy policy. Optional Property Mode.class reader.xmlschema.bindinfo.package-info.class reader. Abstract Extended Complex Type Builder.class reader. STDerived Complex Type Builder.class reader.xmlschema.parser. Customization Context Checker.class reader.xmlschema.parser. Incorrect Namespace URIChecker.class reader.xmlschema.parser. BIXPlugin Customization.class reader.xmlschema.bindinfo. Collection Type Attribute.class reader.xmlschema.bindinfo. Input Source; // Required by DOM Parser import xml.parsers. Non Validating DOMParser; // XML DOM Parser /** class XMLData Group Factory * * @see make Data Group(String buffer) * @see put Line(String line) * @see make Data Group() * @since JDK 1.3 */ public class XMLData Group Factory { public XMLData Group Factory() /** Add some information to the current buffer */ public boolean put Line(String line) /** Erase the current buffer and start over. */ public void reset() /** Set the buffer directly, then parse the XML document in the buffer, and generate either a Data Group or an exception.

import *; import xml.parser.*; import org.w3*; import sax.

XML4J reports the number of elements, attributes, spaces and characters if the document passes validation.

Files contained in META-INF/MANIFEST.

Review of basic XML Review of XML in Domino Web Services defined XML and SOAP Finding Web Services "Out There" Building Web Services "In Here" Domino as WS client Domino as WS server Security?

As soon as I receive a xml as input, I get the following exception. */ public Data Group make Data Group(String buffer) throws Exception /** Parse the XML document in the buffer, and generate either a Data Group or an exception.

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