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Such a homogeneous view was further compounded by Alexandra herself, who referred to her daughters, even into adulthood, as ‘the big pair’ – Olga and Tatiana – and ‘the little pair’ – Maria and Anastasia.

She had an earthy, Russian quality that was demonstrated in her great love for children and she would have made a devoted mother.But with such a naturally docile and submissive nature, she suffered at times at the hands of her manipulative and domineering younger sister Anastasia.The now much-mythologised fourth Romanov daughter was the wild child of the family, a force of nature who constantly entertained and demanded attention.Olga, the eldest, was a dreamer and a romantic who loved music and poetry and was prone to melancholy.She struggled with her temper as she grew older, partly because, as the eldest, she had the responsibility of setting an example to her younger siblings.In November 1894, when Princess Alix of Hesse (Alexandra Feodorovna) married the new tsar, Nicholas II, gossips around the world were agog.

She may have landed the biggest dynastic catch and the richest man in the world, but as far as the Russian public was concerned, Alexandra’s primary duty as Empress was to produce a son and heir.

Born into immense wealth, the four daughters of Tsar Nicholas II grew up largely hidden from public view and little was known about them – until now.

Author Helen Rappaport reveals how, just when they were able to start engaging with the wider world, events in Russia overtook them It is now almost 50 years since Robert K Massie’s acclaimed biography Nicholas and Alexandra first brought the story of Russia’s last Imperial Family to a wider audience in the West.

But unremitting anxiety about Alexey’s health and the numerous crises he suffered when he fell or injured himself came just at the point when the girls were developing a curiosity about the world around them and were longing to rush out and explore it.

Life instead closed in on them and those four beguiling personalities were increasingly shut away from view.

Though still young, the four sisters became their brother’s devoted carers, watching over him and trying their best to protect him from harm.