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It’s one of the best value calendars on our list, costing less than a quid.Buy now The full-sized, foil-wrapped 100g hollow teddy at door 24 is the centre piece of this calendar, which manages to pack in a generous 250g of chocolate.

Buy now A new addition to the plush chocolate maker’s stable of delicious calendars is Up To Snow Good.The girl had been an employee at the café for just four days. 20, 2016 assault, she had been looking for a job and handing out résumés when she happened upon Fares’s café.The teen said Fares held her tightly after what started as a consensual hug inside the café. Fares began focusing on her clothing and said he was sexually attracted to her.Having been on the hunt for the calendars that will make the countdown to Christmas Day even more exciting than it already is, we’ve found everything from those themed by favourite fictional characters, at the most affordable prices, to high quality chocolate in the form of a treasure hunt.Then there are the options that parents will enjoy as much as the children such as Prestat’s Rocking Horse and Gail’s new offering this year which, alongside its beautiful enticing chocolates, comes complete with vouchers for baked treats to be redeemed from the bakeries. The most original chocolate offering we’ve found for children turns the traditional advent calendar into a treasure hunt.He then kissed her neck repeatedly without her consent. The girl phoned police after the unwanted kissing when the sexual comments didn’t stop and she felt increasingly unsafe.

Inside the shop was a back room with a privacy curtain that shielded those in it from the view of anyone in the seating area of the café.And for the final countdown to the big day, they’ll be treated t two full-sized, fully indulgent white Peanut Butter Cups. It may be for the 12 days of Christmas rather than the traditional 24 days, but the contents more than make up for this.Children will love the bespoke chocolates made in collaboration with London chocolatier Alex Mariz and inspired by and using classic Gail’s breads and ingredients, such as tiny, glittery festive figurines, a marzipan loaf of bread and a chocolate Christmas pud.Five per cent of sales go towards empowerment initiatives for the women cocoa farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana.Buy now The French artisan bakery and patisserie’s calendar is the perfect size for small hands and is beautifully illustrated.That same feature referred to the father of four as a “gregarious and kind” man who used high-quality ingredients to make and sell fine chocolates at the shop.

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