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If you haven't experienced the dry down on Youth Dew, I would discourage passing judgement on it to hastely, as I once had.This is my mothers signature fragrance and it always brings me back to my childhood and my mothers hugs of memories.

If out at night, it's usually for going to last the few hours so I don't have to refresh then.Yes, I could smell it all the way down the hall even with her door being closed, but the smell didn't seem any more potent standing next to her, than it did when I was 50 feet away, which I find pretty impressive.There is some strange alchemy going on with Youth Dew, because I have never been so confounded and mystified by any other fragrance.I could never wear this but my mother still wears it but i will have a memory in future days because of this scent . this is not for the faint heart, youth dew is not personal, it's not for somebody who wants to hide in the shadows. It isn't for a young nose, it has to be matured to appreciate this scent.It is for the person who loves to be noticed, it has personality, it commands your attention. I used to hate this but I'm finding myself being lured into it I love this and my range expands from youth dew to britney fantasy. Every time I use this I am amazed by its beauty and warmth.So I sprayed two sprays on and I sucked it up and kept it on. I'm a young man who loves this and if you do it right and wear it with responsiblilty it will be a beautiful experience. I spent so long possesing an unfair, and totally misguided bias toward you.

It's not horrible at all, It is very sexy, musky, spicy warm and kind of sweet. It takes a strong personality to pull this off, not everyone is going to like it but if you don't care what others think I say go for it. In all of my perfume journey, I have never misjudged a perfume so badly, or felt so foolish for it.

The projection is enormous at first, but it calms down into bearable moderate. She had this perfume,and I'm pretty sure we over sprayed, I just remember being nauseous and the both of us marinated in a toxic cloud of Youth Dew lol.

Once sprayed, it's almost impossible to remove from your skin so be ready to commit. Maybe one of these days I will have the gumption to retry it.

Youth Dew, truly is one of the most beautiful fragrances ever created this and Cinnabar are both warm and spicy almost like getting a warm hug from someone you love.

YD has been in my collection since the 1960s back than it smelled a lot more like cinnabar than today's reformation they still smell similar but I can always tell them apart.

I could not believe that the same scent I was swooning over, was the same one that repelled the very fiber of my being so violently, the first time I tried it, that I immediately left the store after spraying it, even though I hadn't even got what I had come for.