Cheap speed dating

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One by one, the group took turns introducing themselves and describing what they're looking for or what they're offering; what they can pay or how much they're asking; whether they have or want pets.

Seniors often "have more house than they can upkeep." Metro Home Share provides background, criminal and rental history checks for home providers and home seekers.

"I have been concerned with the amount of land that's being taken up by large houses," she said.

"What a lot of us are trying to do is figure out what is the right mix of sharing with other people and having our own privacy." Let's Share Housing offers workshops to help homeowners answer those questions and set their expectations and boundaries.

Fiasca's business began as a way for aging baby boomers to find affordable housing and companionship.

"Because I come from the senior industry, I see this as a new model in aging," said Fiasca, who previously managed an adult foster care home.

"It's been a lovely arrangement but I'd like to downsize and find more companionship," Chalmers said.

Milch is a transplant from New York; Chalmers an Oregon native. For more on Metro Home Share, visit you attend a Speed Dating Los Angeles event, you will meet some great professionals.Speed Dating Los Angeles events are great for busy professionals who don’t have a lot of time to go online and sift through a bunch or profiles. Show your feminine side and be the queen at the Speed Dating Los Angeles Event.Attendees pay a suggested for the in-person gatherings, which offer a place for people to meet without inviting strangers into their homes.Online at, users can fill out a profile for free but pay a fee to initiate contact with a potential housing match.In a classroom at Taborspace community center, 20 strangers arranged a circle of folding chairs.

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