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Being in a group can sometimes be essential for staying in constant contact with the members, passing across important information to relevant parties, inviting multiple people to an event at once and even keeping up with gossip.

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Everyone has an opinion or idea they want to be heard and considered and this can quickly become exasperating.Unfortunately, due to the influx of messages, you may get ignored…and it hurts.Once you realize you witty comment or joke will never be acknowledged, you find yourself wondering: Why do I even bother?For instance, you skip the part where one of your superiors in a work chat mentions they would be requiring your assistance and you fail to show up because you didn’t see that comment.The disappointment of not being able to reply after the conversation has moved on You were absent for a some time and while catching up, you find comments that you would have really wanted to comment on our give your opinion on for clarifications, but your hands are tied as the matter was already done and dusted and 6 other topics had already be discussed after that.However, if we are being honest, group chats suck…especially when they are obligatory.

They can get you so frustrated that you consider throwing your phone out the window with every chiming alert.

You on the other hand now find yourself wondering how many other sub-groups there actually are and if you have been excluded from any.

The pain of finally making a witty comment and being ignored In group chats, there is the very little window of making epic jokes or making witty comments, so there is this great anticipation to get acknowledged when you finally say something on point.

The unbelievable drama From passive aggressive comments to full-blown arguments, group wide roasting and members leaving the group in anger, they drama in group chats are the Telemundo kind. Most times when it is just one person causing all the, the admin opens a sub-group, excluding that one person or group of people from the sub-group…without their knowledge of course.

Unfortunately, the peace doesn’t last long as some nincompoop who is part of the sub-group mistakenly makes reference to what has been said in the secret sub-group, making the excluded people mad.

Normally, you wouldn’t have an issue pulling it all off with ease, but they start to send voice note , picture and videos which you have to comment on …and it all becomes too hard to handle.