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While the rest of the group continues to think of ideas, everyone except Tori eventually gets distracted with the video effects as well.

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(Shows it to Tori) Tori: (Sniffing) I think it might be pineapple...

It turns out to be Robbie, who had simply created a second video account, they remove him from the chat and continue.

Later, Trina goes to the first class area to use the bathroom even though she isn't allowed to.

By doing this, she hopes to make him so relieved that he puts it in his blog, which would automatically make her famous.

Sinjin appears and chats with them until Jade realizes that Sinjin is in her house, making him run away.

In the process of climbing over Tori, Trina doesn’t realize she's waving her butt in Beck's and André’s faces, causing them both to yell out in fright and shudder in disgust. When Trina gets back, she gives Beck and André another view of her rear, making them shudder again.

When Trina leaves, the young boy who had been irritating Trina the entire flight leans over and comments that Trina is a freak, but hot. She excitedly tells Tori how she saw Perez Hilton and took his camera so that she could return it, claiming she "found" it. After listening to the two of them argue for a few minutes, Tori (now irritated) kicks Robbie off the chat. What did the young shrimp say when his mom asked him why he wouldn't share any of his toys? Andre: Figures, I live next door to a one legged old man who throws lemons at me. When the group once again try to brainstorm ideas for their project, Jade joins the chat and questions why Beck is holding a dog for a cheerleader (thinking that the cheerleader is a teenager who may have an attraction to Beck) starts playing around with the special effects (changing her face into a cherry pie), Tori finally snaps and yells at her, telling her that she's not helping and to grow up. Afterwards, Jade arrives at Beck's RV and sits and waits for the cheerleader to pick up her dog. Tori: I think the joke is that shell-fish sounds like selfish. (Starts giggling again then abruptly stops) Okay, back to the script. Trina: Are you gonna let your kid talk to me that way?! But as I neared the last corner into my neighborhood, I noticed a police car behind me, lights flashing. I turned onto my street and pulled over immediately; he pulled in behind me. Gaming has gone too far when one feels the need to carry a gun in order to play. I swung by Taco Bell for some celebratory tacos and headed for home feeling quite pleased with myself. I did do a double take when I got to the part about what to do if you’re carrying a gun ….Hilton refuses, and the two begin to fight over the camera, but Perez lands on Tori's lap.

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