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and been transferring that data from the classified networks over the “air gap” onto a commercial network computer… the production team was actually working on the Baghdad strike though, which was never really encrypted ( PM) Manning: he’s got the whole 15-6 for that incident… Lamo said he thinks the group in Boston provided Manning with software that allowed him to download thousands of documents without alerting network monitors at the Defense Department.

Some Tips for Parents Making children aware about the dangers of the Internet is easier said than done.

It is a continuous process that requires your constant effort.

Merely putting restrictions won’t help; understanding your child’s needs, interest, and curiosity is also crucial.

Such actions of online predators to strike an emotional chord with a child, is usually termed as child grooming.

A lonely child, who is having a hard time at school or even at home, may easily find solace in sharing their feelings with someone who “seems” to care and understand them.

Remember who she thought to be her grandma, turned out to be the Big Bad Wolf? In chat rooms, there is a wall between the people who are chatting and getting acquainted with each other. Are they their classmate, someone from their school or college, or neighborhood?

Or, are they a complete stranger offering friendship by pretending to have a “listening ear” and “caring heart”?

Chat rooms can be a great online space to hang out for kids and especially teens who share similar interests, thoughts or experiences.

But at the same time, the same place can be a dark and dingy alley infested with online predators.

This post gives you an insight into some of the most common dangers of online chat rooms that kids and teens are exposed to, and some tips for parents.

The Dangers of Online Chat Rooms Remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? How well does a kid or teen know about their chat buddy?

Iceland, the Vatican, Spain, Brazil, Madascar, if its a country, and its recognized by the US as a country, its got dirt on it ( PM) bradass87: i need one myself ( PM) bradass87: its open diplomacy… its Climategate with a global scope, and breathtaking depth… ( PM) Adrian : I have more messages than resources allocatable to action them. ( PM) Manning: i can’t believe what im telling you =L ( AM) Lamo: hey you ( AM) Lamo: resend? ( AM) Manning: i just said hello ( AM) Lamo: waking up. ( AM) Manning: heh, the evening is still young here ( AM) Lamo: how’re you feeling today? ( AM) Manning: i had a lot on my mind, keeping to myself ( AM) Lamo: anything new & exciting? 110 degrees F, doing various details for a visiting band and some college team’s cheerleaders… but im sure he’s capable ( AM) Lamo: then it stands to reason that you have at least 3 people who have some infosec knowledge ( AM) Manning: im not quite sure what you’re saying ( AM) Manning: infosec knowledge of what? ( AM) Manning: i know a lot of computer security people ( AM) Lamo: i mean, in a way that would lend itself to a meeting. Private Manning is also said to have claimed that Mr.

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