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Yanking Title X funding will not produce good results, either.

Lorne seems to be a prototypical example of the sort of person who falls into this spiral.

Obviously.) The problem for Lorne and others like Lorne is that they choose a fantasy that involves some very unpleasant elements. So, when you see these people enter the TCa P house, and you wonder why on Earth any sane human being would do what they've done, now you know. Websites that humiliate offenders serve to make reality even less pleasant for these people.

They wrap themselves up in the warm security blanket that is the fantasy and, in Lorne's case, walk right into the arms of law enforcement. They're already doing everything in their power to avoid it... so, they're just going to clutch to their fantasies that much more tightly.

Although I have never interviewed him, let's write a generic profile of these Predators: 1) Fantasy prone.

2) Insecure 3) Not gainfully employed 4) Feels out of control of life These people have nothing positive in their lives.

I'm not sure where this thread belongs but since it's tied in with a TV show, I'll put it here. One of the men arrested on that show has developed a cult following, Lorne Armstrong (the one who cried "oh cawd" when the cameras came out). I wanted to get opinions of the real Lorne Armstrong because I discovered the TCAP program and am amazed at this guy's story and the following he has.

There are literally several hundred parody videos on YT about this guy, podcasts that air every few months, a website and forum, and apparently a book in the works. His backstory is so pathetic and hilarious that it's almost too much to believe.

Penis," claims he's in love with the teen, gets caught on national TV, starts crying like a baby, gets arrested. " Walked around his apartment naked in front of his webcam - except for a hat which covered up his baldness. I think there's now several hundred parody videos of the guy, some of them are hilarious. And maybe the fact that people ironically like him may help him get better chances.

It surely is better than if they were horribly angry at him--sympathy and anger don't really mix.

That has left scientists and public health officials at more than 80 affected institutions scrambling to salvage research projects already underway.

Access to safe, reliable birth control and evidence-based sex education has pushed the U. to its lowest rate of unintended pregnancy in 30 years, and to historic lows for teen pregnancy.

So, they escape the negativity by retreating into a world of fantasy where they can be in control.

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