Cha with adult aunty

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Cha with adult aunty - dating 16 year old girl

Overall good so far I'm in 37th episode right now, just wished if the drama was shooted in real location like, my husband got a family. I saw her on previous drama "Bride of the Century", so far that's my favorite drama of this year. Kang Shim still cannot trust him for what happened in the past to her from him. But I think it should be renamed What Happens to my Selfish Children? I love Kang Shim/director couple but not as much as I detest that aunt character and her ridiculously high-pitched rantings. The version in this drama's ost hasn't been released yet so we'll have to wait patiently. Wang family was also studio shooted but it was much better. Hi , I was really looking forward to this show but this really let me down. Sorry to say but this really one of the worst story drama i ever seen. If he did not marry another woman she may forgive him but no that the reason. Conclusion, stopped watching because of that nosy-parasite-loudmouthed-shrieking aunt I do not know why exactly but I like this show less and less with each episode. To the point I pretty much no longer care what happens to them. It's a really sweet song that matches well with the drama. It's a wonderful option to spent saturday and sunday nights at home, or a relax time before social activities.

I cried many many times watching this drama and laughed many many times too... The characters are so true-to-life, rounded characters with human foibles and strengths, except perhaps the noble,sacrificial and forgiving father. Hopefully it will end if not happy, a satisfying or acceptable one will do. I dont say they have to be like in real life, but... In turn, and knowing that her cousin is intruding on her personal life, Cha Gang-Sim should have put an end to it - not very realistic letting it continue. 28 and I like the drama so far, but the character played by Nam Ji-Hyun is not necessary and has become a little annoying. 27, the character Kang Seo-Wool should not be butting into family matters - I agree in that she seems to have her nose in all of their personal business. I really like this drama and I really like this family. It also isn't very realistic that she would fall for the first guy she encounters after being chaste, strong-willed, and career oriented for 17 years, especially one as immature as the character Moon Tae-Joo. children plot could have carried this drama by itself - all the other stuff is just bad window dressing. I'm glad that the father took the drastic step to get his children to start acknowledging their lack of respect towards him. So much touching of my heart, I cry and laugh in 1 episode. And elder daughter in law my goodness why does she speaks from her nose she is improving a lot though. The first son is so greedy cha gang let him get a land smone else and build his own house and for a child to ask for his dad property wen he his alive. Whatever its worth but I think the father loves his children very very much and he is using this one last chance to give them another lesson. Maybe I could visit that wonderful country of yours in a not so far time. Gladys Suero Loving this drama a lot..that Jang Bori is done, they should be number 1... For me, I think that this particular drama is really really nice. That only means one thing he don't love his dad is just thinking about the money .... I hope he succeeds before he goes to another world as I think he has this illness which was what the doctor told him when he was hospitalized. It got everything and I can relate to all the chaos coming from big family... I forgot to make mention of a couple of other nuiances that this drama could have certainly done without: constant interference from the characters Cha Soon-Guem (Cha Soon-Bong's sister), her daughter No Young-Sul, and son-in-law Seo Joong-Baek.

No Young-Sul is just about as bad as Kang Seo-Wool, especially when it comes to the personal life of her cousin Cha Gang-Sim. The msg of this drama is to appreciate and be patient with our loved ones, including those who fail us again and again. I started to watch this drama from around episode 24 right around when Ms. absolutely hate that thyo jin...doesn't she have anything else to do besides running behind that jerk kang jae like a dog,carrying his bag and coat? now the only thing that keeps me going is bromance between eun Jo and director.them together. Many a time we take them for granted and focus only their fails and realize their absence only when they are gone. Goo starts coming out a lot, actress Kim Sora makes the drama more interesting. After ep23, I finally decided to stop watching,is too frustrating to watch that parasite of an aunt putting her nose into her brother's matters acting as if she has every right in that house. It is actually an old popular song called '내가 말 했잖아' meaning I told you. The overall performance here surpasses many of those hoarding the headlines nowadays, those that sell on looks, popularity, media play and the scream and shouts of the fan base on social media 24/7. And making the everyone seem to be incredibly obtuse and nearly functionally retarded makes it seem they are not actual people but cardboard characters. Characters are simply written to be too stupid, too many useless, uninteresting filler, script is lame by trying force unrealistic actions and reactions. Still will watch this..poor Seoul being dumped by stupid Dal Bong.. I think i hate the older sister more rather than the middle one.does not have any empathy as a woman...don't care much about her love story now her..pouring tea and serving during meeting is more important than her mother's anniversary.a woman. @Wen Xi:) you're right about the part on cherishing the loved ones. Seoul and the President is the only sane person in this drama... Dal bong is the only one who has a chance of redemption I think. I loved son dam bi in dream.was such a strong character and here she so disappoints me...can't stand her anymore. I hope this would end airing soon enough so that I could buy a copy of this . Few kdramas could bring tears & laughter for me but this one did; and many times over the course of the 53 episodes which I completed over 4 days. Out of the 3 siblings gang jae's live line is the most boring one as of this time. But I do find myself rooting for Eun Ho he my favorite character I wish he would end up with Seo Wool . People could rather empathize with her ,rather than saying all the negatives I really love kang shim and the director storyline. I REALLY HOPE Kang jae will realise his wrong and end up with his former girlfriend who I find really interesting.

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