Carson city nevada dating

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Carson city nevada dating

Meet at the Multi-Purpose Athletic Center (MAC) parking lot at 1860 Russell Way.Bring a flashlight as it will be dark on these walks. If it rains or snows we will walk inside at the Multi-Purpose Athletic Center (MAC) at 1860 Russell Way, in Carson City.

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Enjoy the Carson High Orchestra during their Fall Concert at the Bob Boldrick Theater tonight at 7 p.m.

I must admit, the Carson City Freeway was one of those things.

But lo and behold, the new 580 extension opened its last leg to traffic yesterday.

It’s wintry out there, but if you aren’t afraid of the wind-chill, enjoy a walk along the Linear Ditch Trail with Parks and Recreation.

Spaghetti is on the menu at J’s Old Town Bistro in Dayton.

All hikes can be found on the Carson City Visitor Bureau Calendar, Nevada Appeal Events Calendar, the Carson Now Events calendar, and at

You’ll see some pretty interesting vehicles on the road these next few days, as travelers from all over head to Burning Man.

This week’s free concert at Brewery Arts Center features the Dusty Green Bones.

Don’t forget your dancing shoes; they’re sure to keep you on your feet.

The hot summer temperatures continue, so seek indoor entertainment during the day and keep cool.

With all the celebratory fanfare last month, Wednesday morning brought a much-anticipated and collective welcome refrain of "finally" for Carson City area motorists who have patiently waited for the last leg opening of the I-580 freeway.

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