Carbon 14 not used for dating

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Carbon 14 not used for dating - Freelidating in pantyhose video

Smallest Detectable Amount of Radiocarbon Sensitive instruments called acceleration mass spectrometers (AMS) are used to count the C/C ratio in a sample drops below 0.001 p MC?

Of course, he would realize that this age was nonsense, because he saw the fresh carcass.

Second, such large calculated ages are based on the C/C ratio has remained unchanged for tens of thousands of years.

A global flood like the one described in the Bible would invalidate this assumption.

Evolutionists have long used the carbon-14, or radiocarbon, dating technique as a “hammer” to bludgeon Bible-believing Christians.

A straightforward reading of the Bible describes a 6,000-year-old universe, and because some carbon-14 (C) age estimates are multiple tens of thousands of years, many think that the radiocarbon method has soundly refuted the Bible’s historical accuracy.

In principle, this decay rate may be used to “date” the time since an organism’s death.

But the calculated dates will only be accurate if the assumptions behind the method are correct.

One of these assumptions is that nuclear decay rates have always been constant.

Although C decays fairly quickly, heavier isotopes (such as uranium-238) decay much more slowly.

Could this be a clue that radioisotope “clocks” might have “ticked” at different rates in the past, and that this variation in “ticking” is different for different radioisotopes?

If so, this would explain the discrepancy between the radiocarbon method and other radioisotope techniques.

Creation scientists have estimated (based upon the amounts of organic matter thought to be contained within the sedimentary layers) that the carbon in the pre-Flood biosphere may have been 300 to 700 times greater than what is present in today’s world.

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