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She also wanted to practice with her father after the official team practice was over. Which is why the trick to survival isn't defeating your demons, it's never giving up the fight.

The next year -- trying to defend her Aussie title -- Capriati found herself down 4-6, 0-4 to Martina Hingis.

Former US tennis star Jennifer Capriati will face trial in December accused of stalking and battering her ex-boyfriend.

Ms Capriati, 37, is accused of punching Ivan Brannan, 28, while he worked out at the Oxygen Gym in North Palm Beach, Florida, on Valentine’s Day.

Early in her comeback, after losing 6-2, 3-6, 6-4 in the first round of the 1997 Australian Open, Capriati said, "I'm not going to let this discourage me at all."I have enough desire to work to reach my potential still."She was 20 at the time.

Four years later she had that trophy in her hands."It's a story a lot of people can identify with," Andre Agassi said about Capriati's victory shortly after winning on the men's side.

In 1992, Capriati defeated Steffi Graf to win gold at the Olympics.

By 1994, at 18, she was out of the game and in and out of legal trouble -- cited for shoplifting and arrested for marijuana possession.that's because it is -- and Da Bone has 443 films under Da Belt.Da Bone claims Jen got horribly depressed every time a grand slam event went down.Somewhere between being a child star and a Hall of Famer she seemed to learn never to give up.No matter how dark the days or cold the nights, she kept fighting.It seems everyone wanted a piece of her, and because of that success she had it all. "She was just a kid and she was top four in the world.