Camera phone nude shots

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This feature is incredibly useful when you want to take discreet photos of people you don’t know, as you can just pretend to be listening to music or making a call while you’re actually taking photos.You can also try using the headphones as a remote shutter when you shoot with a tripod.

For this reason, you should avoid using the volume buttons on the side of your i Phone in low light situations.It also lets you search for images taken in a certain place, or view all of the photos you took at a particular location.All of this can be done within the native Photos app.You can now zoom in and out on the map, and tap on a set of photos to see more images from that location.You can also tap Grid at the top of the screen to view your images in a list – grouped by date and location.With that said, be careful when you share your images on social media or when you share photo files with someone directly since they show the exact location where each photo was taken.

If revealing your location is a concern to you, it’s best to not use geotagging – in which case you should switch off the Location Services feature.Make sure the Camera option is set to While Using if you want to enable geotagging for your photos.If you’ve enabled Location Services before taking photos, you’ll see the name of the location where you took the picture at the top of the Photos app.Click here to find out more about i Phone Photo Academy.While you probably won’t use Live Photos for all of your shots, it’s perfect for preserving those extra little moments that you couldn’t capture in an ordinary still photo.You can turn geotagging on or off by going to Settings Location Services.