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The Acoustic Guitar Forum is the world's largest and most active acoustic guitar community bringing communication, real time discussion, and relevant information to acoustic guitar enthusiasts, artists, guitar builders, manufacturers, and retailers.About the manufacturer : Takamine is a Japanese guitar manufacturer with a main production facility in Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan since 1966.

From our experience, using an active treatment approach emphasizing specific exercises, education, postural advice and hands-on therapy leads to better outcomes for patients and lasting results.

Our therapists are Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists and Mc Kenzie Certified therapists.

With each patient, we ask specific questions about your symptoms, listen to what you tell us, then perform a thorough assessment.

At Westside Physical Therapy we are passionate about taking great care of patients and making a lasting difference in their health.

We have specific programs in The Mc Kenzie Method, ASTYM, Manual Therapy, Sports Rehab and Post-op recovery.

It singles out how former hotels and boarding houses have been converted into cheap shared housing or bedsits which in turn have acted as a magnet for vulnerable people but brought little investment.

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