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‘A person consents if [s]he agrees by choice, and has the freedom and capacity to make that choice.’ Just because someone isn’t protesting or saying no does not mean that they are agreeing to sex.

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In the UK you have to be 16 to have sexual activity* with someone.

Confidential means that clinics do not tell anyone they have seen you unless they need to protect you or someone else from a serious risk of harm.

If they do have to tell someone they would always try to ask you first.

Doctors will encourage this but will not force them to.

It is a decision that only the woman can make: men have no legal say.

People having sex outside can also be guilty of ‘outraging public decency’, unless they could have expected a reasonable degree of privacy and did what they could to prevent being seen. You need to be 18 to buy porn magazines or videos and most porn websites try to prevent under 18s from accessing them.

Don’t film yourself having sex if you are under 18 because that’s child porn: seriously.Rules about consent apply in marriage or any long term relationship.If someone (man or woman) does not want sex then you can not force them.It is illegal to have sex in a public toilet (even in a locked cubicle).It is also an offence to have sex in public if it is near a children’s play area. It is legal to look at porn so long as it does not feature: under 18s, sex with animals, torture, scenes of rape or sexual assault or violent scenes which are life threatening or likely to cause serious harm.This means that any sexual contact at that time could be unlawful; eg rape.