Briana evigan dating robert

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Briana evigan dating robert - scorpio dating scorpio woman

As Robert and Briana swayed back and forth on the dance floor, Rob looked over the top of her head.

Robert figured that he could have too, had he not met Briana. Robert snapped from his daydream to see Alice walking over to them.He shut the door and went around to the driver's side thinking to himself 'it's going to be an awesome night', remembering Bri's words at dinner.On the way to Rob's place, Briana nervously played with her fingers."So what happened with Alice? She asked out of curiosity."She wanted to know how come I didn't love her anymore". They exited the car as it was the rain began to pour.She'd taken him completely by surprise, everything about her made him smile and he couldn't get enough of her."Um Rob… He closed his eyes before letting out a breath and kissing Briana's neck gently."Don't worry." He said softly. It was nothing personal I just found someone who could relate to me.""We use to relate." Alice muttered."I know." Robert nodded."She's pretty okay."Briana nodded and stood on her tip toes to kiss Robert's cheek. Alice nodded slightly and looked over to the bar where they both could see Briana talking to the barman. "But Bri and I just click better.""Oh so you call her Bri now huh? Robert nodded slightly and Alice huffed."I'll see you around Robert." She said before turning her back to him and walking away from him.Rob pulled out his jacket that he left in this car and draped it over himself and Bri cuddling close. Robert opened the front door and let Briana in first as he followed.

It was Bri's first time at his apartment, and she couldn't believe how clean it looked.While waiting for their dinner to come, Rob would put his hand underneath the table and caress her leg.Bri didn't mind however, but the fact that they were in a public place meant he had to stop."Cut that out" She began in a playful yet stern voice "The waiter is coming"."I can't help it" He replied "I just can't keep my hands off you.Soft music floated through the small restaurant which was dimly lit by candles.Every couple that was seated had a special glow about them, but there was one couple in particular that was catching everyone's eye.As Robert led Briana out onto the dance floor he couldn't help but notice what she was wearing.

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