Bosco and myolie dating

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It's a huge decision for me if I leave TVB because it's where I started and also where I spent almost half of my life. I don't think I have reached that stage of life where I should be considering this.

I don’t care if it’s for show or any reason whatsoever, all I know is that I’m all gooey and awwww-y with glee knowing how far they’ve come thru as a RL couple ❤ Myolie won 3 awards @ TVB’s 44th Anniversary Awards yesterday night (along with the dashing and well victory-deserved Kevin Cheng) and gave a winning speech alike to a public confession of her r/s with Bosco.Bosco Wong responded with joy when asked to comment on his ex-girlfriend, Myolie Wu’s pregnancy.Myolie Wu, whom Bosco had broken up with back in 2012, had announced her pregnancy on Mother’s Day (May 14).This was also her first child with husband Phillip Lee, reports Jayne Stars. If she wants more, then I wish her two babies within three years!At a blessing ceremony for Bosco’s new television web drama, Flying Tiger, when asked to comment on Myolie’s pregnancy, the jubilant Bosco said:“Congratulations! ”When reporters asked when it will be Bosco’s turn to be a father, the star replied:“I really have no time to think about that right now.”He also admitted that he hasn't messaged Myolie to congratulate her on the news yet.Recently, she has branched out of TV to do more films, such as the critically-acclaimed investment drama Life Without Principle (2011) directed by Johnnie To, and the comedy Temporary Family (2014) opposite Nick Cheung.

I like guys who are positive and open-minded, and those whom I can talk to easily about a lot of things, and it helps if we have a lot in common.Her popularity rose significantly after starring in Golden Faith as the mentally challenged little sister of Gallen Lo.As a result, she ended up winning the Most Improved Female Artist Award at the 2002 TVB Anniversary Awards. I think my world view is too small because almost all of the people I know are from the industry.So I'm hoping to meet more people who are not working in this industry, and broaden my horizons a little. But that is because I tend to invest a lot of emotions into my relationships and I'm serious about the relationships.She has starred in several popular TVB dramas, such as Triumph In The Skies (2003), War And Destiny (2007) and Ghetto Justice (2011).