Borderline dating

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Borderline dating - updating a row in a gridview

They want to dress like them, act like them, and mimic everything they do.

If you suspect that you have these traits, please leave this website and redirect your attention to The Borderline has a dire need to be seen as 'perfect' physically, cerebrally and spiritually which drives a lot of issues within this personality type." I always smile to myself, because it's a dead giveaway that I'm hearing from someone who at the very least, has BPD traits and has searched lifelong for answers and explanations pertaining to their inner torment, and failed relationship attempts.Many, many Borderlines are tireless seekers of insight and truth.At the very heart of the borderline's acting-out behaviors is core shame, a leftover if you will, from a childhood fraught with confusing messages, neglect and abuse, which left them doubting their lovability and worth from infancy onward.Any self-acknowledged error makes a Borderline think they're a "bad person," which is why their denial defenses are so thick and they're unable to accept or own their shortcomings and failings.This is what initially magnitizes them to each other, and keeps them tenaciously trying to 'get it right' with one another, against all odds.

Black and white thinking, love you/hate you, come here/go away, and push-pull emotional gymnastics, are hallmarks of intensely unstable relationship dynamics with individuals who have and exhibit borderline pathology.

As children they were routinely programmed to feel unlovable and undeserving of affection or care, so this is how they've learned to regard and treat themselves.

cutters~ in short, they heap criticism, shame and guilt on themselves until they're dug so deeply into a dark, cavernous hole of despair, it could take days or even weeks before they can emotionally reconstitute themselves, start to climb out of it and rebalance.

traits in his/her parent, like ragefulness, harshness, cruelty, histrionics, emotional instability or anxiety/worry, he/she determines never to grow up to be like Mother or Father, for fear of becoming that terrifying monster or fragile/pathetic creature they saw and accepted as their example of adulthood.

of Borderlines amputating important feeling states (like anger) out of their personality, yet allowing and accepting them in their lovers, just as they did with their parents while growing up.

Perfectionistic traits are most often observed in the Borderline Queen.

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