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Blog feed not updating - current dating trends

Failing that, you can touch base with Support who will look into any issues.Sorry to hear the trouble you've been having, Mike.

Latest updates will continue to be provided on the Blog, or you can raise a case with Support and we'll keep you updated through the case. I notice from your first reply on this thread that it is dated 27th of Jan.Maybe you can look into this and come up with a solution that takes less time than moaning?Lucy Manual upload done in less time than it takes to have a rant.....I have been trying to update the bank feed for the last two days (myself and my colleague have tried on two accounts) and it says that it is refreshing but when it's finished no new transactions are added, yet looking at our Lloyds online banking I can see lots of new payments that haven't been imported, I have tried a good 5 times already today with the same result each time? Just wanted to close the loop here and add what's been posted on our bank feeds Blog page.' Lloyds (UK) – Business Banking & TSB Business Bank (UK) – Following the recent changes made within Lloyds online banking, Yodlee have had to build a new bank feed.When the new bank feed was built recent transactions weren’t importing for some customers.I too am having issues with the link to my Lloyds business bank. Regards, Eve There is a lot of moaning going on here.

It tells me I have refreshed it and only have 1 item to reconcile. It's a problem, but it really isn't that difficult to get around it by doing a manual upload.

Thanks Hi Michelle, I've had a look at the Blog and appears that Yodlee TSB (UK) Business Banking feeds are also affected by the same platform issues as Lloyds (UK) Business Banking users, I've mentioned above. This seems to have been affecting people for nearly 2 months.

If you've tried the help tips in the article and are still not getting a successful result, please do let the team know! It simply isn't acceptable to be paying for a service that doesn't work!

We've currently aware of an issue affecting some Lloyds (UK) Business Banking users feeds.

Sounds like this maybe the issue here, and I've raised a ticket so Support can take a closer look, and update you on this. I've used the Xero's bank feeds feature for a number of my Clients who all hold accounts with various UK Banks and have not had any major issues until recently when I began using the feature for Lloyds.

Here's how to do it:1) Log on to your Lloyds account online and go to the latest statement and ' Export data'2) Choose the dates you want and choose QIF format3) Download the file (if you need, open it in notepad to edit, make sure there is a ^ after the last transaction)4) Go to Xero, accounts, click 'manage account' dropdown, then ' Import Statement'5) Click 'browse' find your download and then 'import' Job done.....

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