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The well-established Egyptian chronology gives the date as 1208 B. Merneptah's Stele is powerful evidence that a people called the Israelites are living in Canaan, in what today includes Israel and Palestine, over 3,000 years ago.The ancient Israelites are best known through familiar stories that chronicle their history: Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the Ten Commandments, David and Goliath. Through writing the Hebrew Bible, the beliefs of the ancient Israelites survive to become Judaism, one of the world's oldest continuously-practiced religions.

I, in particular, do not rep any religion and I speak...Often called the Old Testament, to distinguish it from the New Testament, which describes the events of early Christianity, today the Hebrew Bible and a belief in one God are woven into the very fabric of world culture.But in ancient times, all people, from the Egyptians to the Greeks to the Babylonians, worshipped many gods, usually in the form of idols.Christians beleive in tradition, and I being a Hebrew Israelite rely solely on scripture.I read what the word says, not listen to the preacher testify for two hours once a week.. I am not black, I am not a muslim, or egyptian or even an african american.word refers to our people as israelites, in my case the tribe of Judah..Israelite is an archaic term for Jews Israeli is the term for a citizen of Israel (regardless of religion) and what is your "truth"?

I'm betting it has nothing to do with Judaism Atty: you couldn't teach me a thing about Judaism. Do try and keep up - Abram was NOT a Hebrew until he followed G-d. Then, I think, we are on a very sound ground, historically.Scholars search for intersections between science and scripture.And it is the Jews who give the world an astounding legacy, the belief in one God.This belief will become the foundation of two other great monotheistic religions, Christianity and Islam.I, in particular, do not rep any religion and I speak english because that's what I was taught...

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