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Everything’s been great until it started to get warm.

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And being curvy and beautiful are not mutually exclusive.” Any suggestions for other ways to frame it so that he gets that it was insulting to correct my own self-description?

It’s only June, we’re nowhere near the worst of the summer weather. I’ve never felt more like my own father in my life but: Does your roommate think that you are made of money?

I want everyone to be comfortable but I don’t want to freeze to death every night. (By the way, landlords in San Francisco are legally required to maintain a minimum temperature of 68 degrees, just as a gut check of reasonable baseline behavior.) It’s time to call a good old-fashioned roommate meeting and find a mutually agreed-upon minimum thermostat setting.

That doesn’t mean I think you should give him a call, but don’t be too hard on yourself for wanting to put an end to your loneliness by returning to a situation that, while painful, at least provided you with concomitant rewards.

It’s frustrating that “doing the right things” does not necessarily translate into “feeling recognizably better relatively quickly,” or even slowly.

You certainly can send that message if you like—the script you suggested is perfectly polite—but you’re under no obligation to correct the views of every misguided guy on Ok Cupid.

If you did, you’d have no time to use it for dating.

In the crazy world in which we live, what can I do to actually be as supportive as I’m pretending to be? Don’t let some of the censure and targeting that may come your son’s way—however well-intentioned you believe yourself to be—start with his mother.

I truly do want him to be happy but I’m not going to lie: I truly wish he were dating a female. A: Societal judgment against gay and bisexual people is very real, and you’re not doing anything wrong by acknowledging its power and worrying about the effect said judgment might have on your son. If you find yourself overwhelmed by doubts and panic, please get yourself to an LGBT-friendly therapist and/or the nearest PFLAG meeting, because you need an outlet or two for those fears, preferably an outlet that you didn’t give birth to.

A: It’s my opinion that there are very few teachable moments in online dating when it comes to drive-by messages from random strangers.

Yes, this dude’s not-quite-a-compliment was both boorish and unnecessary, but you don’t know him, have no shared history aside from a handful of seemingly promising messages, and will likely never meet him.

I went online and have talked to a few guys, and probably will be be meeting one of them soon. A: First things first: You’re not “insane” for wanting to reconnect with an ex you loved deeply.

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