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Jewish tradition considers this to be solely a limitation on marriage.

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There is dispute, even in traditional Judaism, about whether this prohibited group of men should include those who have become, at some point since their birth, emasculated as the result of a disease. However, if he was married to a woman otherwise permitted to a kohen, and was then elevated to the high priesthood, he may remain married to her.The prohibited relations are: In addition to the relationships biblically prohibited to Jews, rabbis have gone further to prohibit certain additional relationships with various blood relatives and in-laws.These are called "Shni'ot" (secondary prohibitions). Some of these are: The Bible excludes certain categories of people from taking part in the qahal (assembly) of Hashem.if the father was dead, such consent could be given by her mother, or her brothers, but in this latter case, the girl could annul the marriage when she reached the "standard" age of puberty (12), if she wished.The mentally handicapped, and deaf-mutes, were also regarded, by traditional Jewish law, as being unable to give their consent; indeed, marriage to such people was forbidden.In June 2012, the American branch of Conservative Judaism formally approved same-sex marriage ceremonies in a 13-0 vote.

In 2004, the Society for Humanistic Judaism issued a resolution supporting "the legal recognition of marriage and divorce between adults of the same sex", and affirming "the value of marriage between any two committed adults with the sense of obligations, responsibilities, and consequences thereof".

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A ban on bestiality passed parliament as expected, with all parties voting in favour of the ban with the exception of Liberal Alliance, which voted against the bill, and the Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten), which abstained.

In recent years, Denmark has been left geographically isolated as the only country not to ban bestiality.

Reform Judaism interprets Leviticus as forbidding men from using sex as a form of ownership over men.