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2.10 Your Information: all the information you, as a User, put on the SNV Website, including registration details, pictures, videos, feedback and all other communications.

3.3 The User cannot be a person who cannot otherwise sign a binding agreement with SNV or a person whose account has been temporarily or permanently suspended. Registration and User Agreement 4.1 In order to complete the registration the User must select a User Name and password.Changes will take effect 14 days after being announced, or at another time if this is stipulated in the notification. 2.2 User Agreement: these general terms & conditions that apply to the User.If the User is unable to agree with the changes the User Agreement will terminate. 2.3 Effective Date: the date on which the User accepts the User Agreement.1.4 SNV has the right to make changes to the User Agreement.SNV will notify the User of such changes by means of placing a new, amended User Agreement on the SNV Website, by means of an e-mail to the registered User upon request, or by other means.2.4 User: a person who purchases services from the Performer via an SNV Website and who may or may not use the SNV payment service (E-Wallet).

Wherever the word 'User' is used this may also be read as 'you'.

2.5 User Account: the User's personal registration on the SNV Website.

2.6 Performer: a natural person who offers services to a User on an SNV Website.

The User's E-Wallet is stored in the SNV computer system.

The E-Wallet is not an account but a virtual balance.

The User is personally responsible for all actions by the User involving the User Name and password.

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