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I proceeded to ask the waiter what types of tea they had and he said “only lemon”.Although I had green tea (hot) in mind I settled for what was available.

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Major: Accounting What were you doing before you joined Peace Corps?What do you anticipate to be your greatest challenge?Finding a balance between maintaining my strongly held ethical and spiritual values while effectively integrating into my community (It was a challenge I have had in the United States as well). Using “me gusta” when describing other aspirantes and people I have met with my host family – for a while they all thought I had a lot of crushes!! I hope to sincerely benefit the lives of individuals in my community.I worked as a finance associate for a small cooking stove company in India.What do you anticipate to be your greatest challenge? As an EEP volunteer I will have to play a role of an extrovert.I am excited about being able to work with a community and build upon the mindset that many Nicaraguans already possess. all I can say is that I choose all the wrong colors and in general had a lot to learn about condoms during training. Realistically verb tenses, but funniest “mistake” was using vos with my host sister’s boyfriend…

not really sure why my host mom thought it was hilarious, but I just went with it. I am hoping to make amazing connections with people!

I hope to form deep relationships with my counterparts and people in my community. Never really sure how best to answer this question… Louis, Colorado, Oregon (take your pick) Major: International Studies What were you doing before you joined Peace Corps?

I would like to coach a volleyball and/or basketball team within my community. I did two terms of Ameri Corps service for a college access program, working with low-income high school students in Portland OR.

I hope that I am able to make a few more people decide to use condoms and learn more about consent.

I hope that more people are empowered with themselves and empower others. Beautiful and warm What surprised you most about Nicaragua? My family and friends and my cat Favorite Nica food so far?

I hope to shift perspectives regarding the United States and its citizenry, and challenge some of the common norms often attributed to the United States. Conor / Nica 64 / TEFL “The most obvious way to engage with the world through Peace Corps is to serve as a Volunteer.

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