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Everyone who came to see me liked me and asked to keep my son in the hostel and forget about my son to marry them. So I decided not to marry again in my life and decided to stay with my son. I used to take him to parties along with me so that he doesn’t get bored at home. As I was not having sex from the age of 27, I use to satisfy my sexual urges while I take bath. Those who know that we are mom and son use to say me, you both look like brother and sister.Now you might know what I am going to say in my experience. I use to go to office and take care of him after I returned from the office. Every one use to have their eyes on my son as he looks handsome and I use to feel proud for having such a handsome son. During his 18 years he never asked me where is dad. They said that you are my sister when they saw you for the first time. I am fair in color and hair up to my butts and its color is black. To have a more idea about my figure you can imagine the film star “Nayanatara”.

As soon as we saw we smiled at each other and went to shopping on his bike.

Next day morning when he was going for college I asked him to come to my office directly so that we can go for shopping.

He said ok mom and hugged me from front and went to office.

I said thanks and stood from the sofa as I was feeling inconvenience and made my loose end of the sari slip from its place and he was staring at my breasts and my navel as I tied the sari 4 inches below. After removing the sari he kept them in his hands and asked me what I do mom.

After 2 minutes I asked him to keep the sari in its place and he did and I said thanks. I said him how to tie the sari and he was doing what I said.

Any person will get a sexual feeling towards the women who keeps flowers. He came and hugged me from front and crushed my breasts between our hug and asked why I was on leave.

I said some reason and asked him to fresh up and come and he did.He was eating and feeding some in my mouth as my hands are not free.While eating he looked at me and said you are looking gorgeous with these flowers mom and kissed me on cheeks. While removing the sari he ate all my beauties with his eyes.You look gorgeous with these flowers and smelled them and kept his head on my shoulder while I was facing the ceiling of the room.After he said those words I patted on his face and said I love you ra.Every day he used to maintain some distance between us.

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