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News (@enews) November 16, 2016- Avril and Ryan were spotted at Chalk Point Kitchen in New York City earlier this week.- They were snuggling and kissing on each other- The pair enjoyed white wine and appetizers- They were super friendly with the waitstaff- They shot down dating rumors last year, but it looks like their 12 year friendship has blossomed into romance SOURCE/SOURCE 2Do you wish it was 2002 again, ONTD?When Avril Lavigne started dating (and then married) Deryck Whibley of pop-punk band Sum 41, I thought they were the most perfect coupling in the entire universe. (actual Nickelback lyric: S is for the simple need E is for the ecstasy X is just to mark the spot ‘Cause that's the one you really want) So I again believed that Avril had truly found her match. Well, Ryan kinda disappeared until he “dated” Audrina Patridge for a few episodes of in 2010.

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), but also a gargantuan aspect of the song’s overall success.

Here they are back in October, picking pumpkins like any ‘ol normal couple.

Here's why Ryan is actually perfect for Avril: One, he's not Canadian.

(Don’t tell me what to do) Come get it now or never I’ll let you do whatever I’ll be your bad girl, here we go (1-2-3-4) Miss me, miss me, now you wanna kiss me (You're a bad girl) Baby, You know I want a little taste, taste So let me take you all the way, way You know you’ll never be the same, same (You fuckin' bad girl!

) One night You won’t forget the rest of your life So come on over to the wild side Buckle up and, baby, hold on tight Miss me, miss me, now you wanna kiss me We both know that you love me 'cause I'm so bad!

Again, both Canadian, both loved frosty highlights, and both wrote extra cheesy music that only a brave few would ever admit to liking… ) Now, we're in 2015, and Avril is allegedly dating the guy who DEFINITELY is her match made in heaven. But in 2004, he was kind of a big deal — he dated Ashlee Simpson and he wrote this beautiful song in her honor: He appeared on her reality show (, don't act like you didn't watch it, girl.) and he had a few popular jamz at the time. The ladies that weren't edgy enough to shop at Hot Topic alone, but still wanted a guy with some cred.

Both Canadian, both with a penchant for crazy hairstyles, both pop-punk royalty. (Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix) But alas, their love fizzled (so much for their happy ending..) and they divorced. Avril began dating an even MORE perfect person for her. (Photo: Aaron Davidson/Wire Image) I swore up and down that THIS was the world's most perfect pairing. (Why'd you have to go and make things so COMPLICATED?! (Photo: Theo Wargo/Wire Image) Ryan is most known for …well, not much since 2004.Like many of its colleagues, “Give You What You Like” shines in part because of a well-penned, catchy chorus.“Bad Girl” is a better rounded standout, featuring Marilyn Manson.When she was 18 years old, Avril Lavigne met American singer Marilyn Manson at one of his concerts, and eventually they became friends. I like his style." Later, the singer revealed that she did a song with Manson, confirming to Billboard about the collaboration, saying, "I wrote this song called 'Bad Girl', and it's like darker and heavier, it's one of the rock tunes on the record." Lavigne also revealed that recruiting Manson for the track, "It was last minute.On July 7, 2012, it was reported that Lavigne was dating Manson, with the rocker denying the rumour, claiming, "Yesterday it said that I was dating Avril Lavigne. I was sitting there at the board thinking Manson would be perfect on this track, so I texted him, and he's like, 'I'll come over and I'll hear it.' So he came at 4 o'clock in the morning. Yes, it was one of those nights." "Bad Girl" was written by Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger and David Hodges, with production being handled by Kroeger and Hodges.And he's blonde, which is her thing, but also enjoys very big hats (see above). Only time will tell if she wants to be his girlfriend.