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While their men try to tear down the current society, these women are building up the culture they hope to replace it with."There is a vacuum of leadership, and one that our menfolk must honestly look within themselves to explain," writes Turner, who recruits via the Internet. which women in the Church can fill." WCOTC, which like almost all hate groups is led by a man, is only the most visible example of a concerted effort by the movement to reach out to women.

One man wrote to a woman who had posted an earlier message: "I'm sorry to inform you, but a woman's place is in the kitchen. [M]en are physically stronger, which makes us more valuable... A real white racialist woman understands this." A second woman, speaking to the first, replies: "Don't be discouraged. In Pennsylvania, the state leader of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a woman who goes by the name of "Kay Ryan" — although a newspaper recently identified her as Kathryn Christy Sonner Negley Hedrick, 47.

I don't have kids but would love to have a daughter this pretty. Is knowing that our people's beauty will outlast me. Also she is gorgeous but sadly her photos show up so much online she is sadly a target for paedophiles (who belong in jail but hey the government makes money every time they're let out).

I also think the industry has her growing up too fast.

"In the last year or so, we have seen a lot of changes in this area.

Everyone is starting to realize that if we are going to overcome in this struggle we are going to have to do it together — Man and Woman — side by side!

And while they are far from radical feminists, many are espousing a new female activism and even leadership — often to the dismay and anger of the men in their movement.

"For years, it seemed that a White woman's role in the Racial movement was to write lonely prisoners and stand behind their boyfriends without much of an opinion about anything," writes Lisa Turner, who began the "Women's Frontier" of the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) in May 1998.Forums for and about women, particularly on the Internet, are proliferating.They range from chat rooms featuring discussions about women's leadership capabilities to Skinhead Web sites with photographs of skimpily clad examples of Aryan female beauty to Internet advice columns for racist mothers on how to save money with homemade baby wipes." From California to Maryland, and abroad from Australia to Canada to Europe, the voices of "racialist" women are being heard increasingly in a variety of forums.In the past, these movement women have been Nazi "Aryan breeders," the Klan moms who stayed home sewing robes for their men, the secretaries and helpmates of neo-Nazi leaders, the transmitters of "Aryan" values to the next generation.Of course my granddaughter, with her blond pony-tail down to her waist was the best. Nothing is better than watching a 3 year old in a recital though.

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