Art show opening are not intimidating

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Art show opening are not intimidating - rumer willis dating ashton

One gallery stated that one of their biggest collectors buys totally online and that if the collector walked into the gallery, no one there would have any idea who they were.

One gallery selling large percentages of their art online, when asked outright, stated that they had never had a return.until recently when I put the question to gallery owners, "What percentage of art do you sell either substantially or totally online as opposed to at your gallery?" Based on their answers, the realization was sudden, immediate and stunning that the online art world revolution is happening now in a very major way, and is no longer some hypothetical outcome that may or may not eventually come to pass at some indeterminate point in the future.All galleries reported making sales either largely or entirely online, and all reported selling varying percentages of art sight unseen to buyers who have never set foot in their physical galleries.The difference in percentages was marked between younger and older more established galleries.and indeed, that may be a glimpse into the gallery world of the future.

One gallery stated that the Internet is more important than the physical gallery space in terms of generating sales, although the physical gallery space is also necessary in terms providing credibility and being available for either building new relationships or strengthening existing ones.Older galleries note that people who buy online tend to call to discuss the art first, but once all questions have been answered to their satisfaction, they will buy sight unseen.The fact that a gallery has a physical location does seem to be important, not necessary in the sense that online buyers want to visit it, but rather that they take comfort in simply knowing that it's there.If you don't think the Internet is reshaping the art business, transforming how art is exhibited and the ways sales are made, you must still be reading newspapers and watching TV on a television.To be honest, I had an inkling that the art business paradigm was shifting and that sales were taking place online, and I'd heard numerous instances of online sales happening, but I never really paid much attention, nor did I think the totality of it all was any big deal...While older more established galleries said online sales generally accounted for 10-35% of total business, younger galleries consistently reported making 60-85% of their sales almost exclusively online.