Are you dating anyone

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Are you dating anyone

Additionally, many straight women (and even non-lesbian wlw) claim that lesbians are as “predatory” as men or that they have the “male gaze”.

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This goes double for trans lesbians and lesbians of color.Imagine growing up seeing women, including lesbians, forced into marriages with men who make them miserable and at worst abuse and assault them.Telling lesbian women of color that they’re wrong for hating men is undeniably cruel (especially when you consider that corrective rape as a phenomenon is perpetrated disproportionately against lesbians of color who live in post-colonial countries! Lesbians who have been abused or sexually assaulted by men or otherwise traumatized by men are also absolutely part of this conversation.Finally, lesbians hating men as a whole absolutely does not mean that they’re responsible for homophobia/transphobia against LGBT men.Lesbians don’t have privilege against gay/bi men - that would be impossible, since same-gender attracted people don’t have privileged against other same-gender attracted people on the basis of sexuality.Additionally, lesbians of color don’t just deal with general lesbophobia and misogyny.

Many of them are abjectly fetishized by white men (and even nonwhite men who don’t belong to their specific racial groups).Lesbians can absolutely hate men and it’s perfectly justifiable and understandable!If you disagree, you’re a lesbophobe, no question about it.Send me an anonymous ask if you need to vent but don't want angry fans on your back.I had a dream that I was hanging out with Noah Centineo and we were talking and I asked what David Lambert was like in real life because I was curious if he was nicer than Brandon, and Noah was like "No, he's a lot like Brandon" and I was disappointed Lesbians are allowed to hate men!This blog is intended for people who dislike Brallie and rather have everyone else with a story line instead of some "forbidden" love bullshit.