Are evan rachel wood and marilyn manson still dating

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Are evan rachel wood and marilyn manson still dating - work colleague dating

There were regular parts in television shows before she landed the role in Thirteen. But I was going through a lot of the emotions my character was going through.

Refreshingly un-PC, she will talk quite openly about her four-year on-off relationship with the shock rocker Marilyn Manson (currently off), her out-there film roles, family rifts, sexuality.

We didn’t have any fun scenes together – she tries to strangle me,’ says Wood gleefully.

' Kate is fun but she knows exactly what she’s doing, how to work the camera and the lighting, and she just commands that set.

She orders peppermint tea and smoked-salmon sandwiches, while chatting about her current musical obsession: 'I am a diehard Justin Bieber fan. I’m the last person in the world you’d expect to like him,’ she says of the tween pop sensation.

'I’m telling you his music is brilliant.’ Wood has had Hollywood at her feet since her startling performance in the teen drama Thirteen (2003) as a sexually precocious adolescent on the fast track to self-destruction.

Yet when Wood meets me at a New York hotel she seems more angel than vamp, in a demure, flesh-coloured chiffon top, high-waisted J Brand trousers and delicate diamond loop earrings.

Her long hair, usually red for her role as the sexy lesbian vampire queen in the television series True Blood, is platinum blonde. Her skin glows, lit by a wall of candles behind us.

’ Veda is an aspiring pianist, who eventually becomes a world-class opera star, so Wood had to learn to play the piano and to lip-sync to opera .

Even more challenging was a pivotal nude scene, depicting a dramatic confrontation between Veda and Mildred. 'I’ve done nudity before, but I’ve never shown everything like I did this time, and I was very nervous.

'Mildred lets her daughter get away with anything and that’s why Veda has no respect for her .’ The actress is full of praise for her on-screen mother, who is only 12 years older than her.

'We were actually more like sisters, joking around and giggling and playing pranks.

I wasn’t even sure I was going to do it when I signed on for the part; I was planning on chickening out. She said, “Look, I’ve done every kind of nudity you could possibly do.”’ Wood has switched from her musical Californian accent to Winslet-English.