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After an agonising silence he finished his sentence“… ”Harry pulled away from you immediately a smug look on his face. She glared at you, making her immediate dislike towards you obvious. How did yo-”Harry chuckled again.“It’s says on your credit card” the pirate grinned, waving the purse he had snatched from you in the air, before vanishing with his Captain down the hallway.“Get back here you thieving little git!In one movement he swiped the chocolate icing from your nose and licked his finger, raising his eyebrows innocently at your scowl.“Harry Hook, you fucking little tease. Harry obeyed, standing up and tucking in his chair. ”The next time you saw Harry’s eyes light up in the same way was months later.

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” You asked, suddenly alarmed at how long the smirking pirate had been watching you. You set down the pencil and looked the boy up and down. ” You said, chewing down on your lips slightly as you racked your brains, trying to work out if you had seen him before.“I’m offended sweetheart,” Harry said, swivelling his legs around so he as sat back at the table, crossing his arms “Ye sure ye don’t recognise me?

Like the Modern Renaissance Palette, Subculture has 14 square pans of eye shadow.

It also comes in a rectangular case and includes a dual-ended brush.

Words: 4210 (I didn’t even realise how long this was - oops I guess)Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, Angst Hi can I put in a request for a Descendants imagine where Harry Hook and Anastasia oldest daughter are dating and Uma honestly hates her so she spells Harry instead. Being the daughter of Anastasia you were expected to be as kind and level headed as your mother but your courageous, curious nature always lead you to find the excitement in life.

In fact not only were you completely oblivious to them but it seemed you were often drawn to the sense of danger, almost always landing yourself in sticky situations. Everybody told you Harry Hook was trouble, from the moment he arrived in Auradon you were advised to stay as far away from the boy as possible, distance yourself from his antics and don’t get involved with him under any circumstance. It was safe to say you ignored that perfectly rational advice.

That's right, the new palette launched Tuesday, July 25.

This is the same day you were able to shop a couple of firsts from Anastasia Beverly Hills, including liquid highlighter and matte lipstick. The much-hyped-after palette will most likely be a apart of the line's permanent collection, according to Claudia Soare, the president of ABH and daughter of Anastasia Soare. (.)Keep checking back here for details on a re-stock.

They were seriously blue, almost sickeningly so, full on Prince Charming, field of forget-me-nots, perfect cloudless sky blue, that seemed to mimick the ocean. ” You questioned, presuming the boy you were face to face with was the son of the infamous captain himself.

Yet the boys eyes had a harsh quality to them, encased a thick smear of dark black eyeliner, a brooding stare that was different to any you had seen in Auradon. Harry started to laugh, clapping his hands as he pulled away from you.“Surprised it took you so long, this kind of gives it away sweetheart”, he sniggered, tapping the tip of his silver hook on the table “Get lost in my eyes did ye?

Blowing you a kiss, he started to walk away.“See ye around Y/N” he called, waving his hook at you. Over the passing weeks you had made a strong bond with the pirate, attempting to keep him out of as much trouble as possible. Both of you had started to fall into a mutual obsession with each other, a weird chemistry forcing the two of you together.

Neither of you would admit the obvious, you were falling in love.

She said the Modern Renaissance follow up is the same size and shape and is a "spicy", "night" version.

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    Her paternal grandfather was of German ancestry and her paternal grandmother was of English, Welsh, French, Irish, and Dutch descent, while her maternal grandfather was of Swiss-German descent and her maternal grandmother of Swedish ancestry. She was one of the several candidates to audition as a replacement for Kate Jackson on the television series Charlie's Angels in 1979, although the part went to Shelley Hack.