American women dating dutch men

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American women dating dutch men - Chat rolet granny

I remember him adding a little bit more to my mom’s grocery money every month so that she buys something nice for herself.My mother was and is a working woman with a steady job but my father continued to do so throughout. I remember my mother telling me that my father always volunteered to change poopy nappies (no diapers in those days) when we were babies.

Treating her in the true spirit of compromise and equality is enough to validate your undying love to her. This is the recipe for a good working “intimate” relationship for Dutch women and men.

She felt he did not need to get her small thoughtful gifts or constantly remind her of his love for her.

She admitted that she preferred the Dutch way of romance and had tried telling her English boyfriend to tone it down a bit.

In which case, she would have to consult her diary for a suitable date and time.

I thought she was insensitive, crazy and overly practical. I always looked forward to receiving those kind of calls and messages from my partners, whether extremely busy or not, and in all of my relationships except one, I expected and received them. My Dutch Civil Integration (Inburgering) teacher had an English boyfriend.

I believe this culture seeped into the minds of modern African men and that is why most inadvertently romance their women, with some not even realising they are doing so.

I remember my father surprising my mother with the gift of a car she had long admired when she obtained her Driving License.

During one of our practical interactive activities (Nederlands gesprek oefenenen) she revealed that her gentleman friend whom she had been seeing for just over a year was too sweet and too fond of romancing her.

She found it strange and uncomfortable to be pampered and spoiled by a man.

But most of us non- Dutch women expect to be treated with more romance, expect more presents, more compliments and more acknowledgment just for being women. A few may perceive our expectations as being shallow, one-sided and selfish but in our defense , this adds a certain flavour to the relationship that makes it more pleasant, magical and rewarding to both parties.

As an African woman I know from experience that African men can be quite romantic in terms of showering women with attention, gifts and compliments.

A Dutch guy I met at a barber shop once had this to say on the subject of a Dutch Treat and dating, “ If the date is going well I do not mind paying the entire bill. If it is not going well, I will make sure she pays half. I will not spend my money on a bad date.” What immediately came to my mind was that this man was a cheapskate and clearly lacks a romantic bone in him.

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