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Luckily for you, there are beautiful Belarus women looking for a genuine, loving man like you to sweep them off their feet right now!

I love deeply and defend fiercely, the things in life which are important to me. I am from London so have to be told to stop talking so much.

These wonderful women are truly the hidden jewels of Russia.

Belarusian women are exotic and alluring and at the same time, some of the kindest-hearted women you will ever meet. Because I married a Belarus woman and she`s truly a jewel of a woman!

I'm very talkative sometimes (not too much, don't worry) and I can become extremely sarcastic so be aware of it! If any of you are interested on getting to know me or as I s... I am a humble down to earth person looking out for a lady whom I can do everything with, a lady that understands what genuine friendship is all about and then we can go further than that.

You will get to know more about me when we get talking. Hi everyone, Originally from the south of England, I have lived in beautiful Tenerife for more than four years (as at 2017.08), but have spent much of the last 10 years living and working abroad: Notable stints in Germany and Uganda included.

Since I am a single, divorced man, 35 years old, I wanted to find a kind, new person in my life. To begin with I replied to several ads at Absolute Agency Dating Service, and I was corresponding with more than one girl - actually four, and two of them surprised me by sending me the same picture - with different faces!!

Today I have specially come running in internet-cafe to receive your letters. It is rainy here from the early morning, and as I am romantic person, weather influences me much.

I saw only advertising on the TV about Western Union and Money Grey. I hope I should modest if I shall write a little about sex. As at us in city no the large airport with flights up to Moscow, I will go in Krasnoyarsk and only therefrom I will treat in Moscow.

I think that better when this gift becomes unexpectedness for my favourite person. I very much love romantic supper at candles, with the favourite person. Then in the very next letter was the request for the money! I ask to send money recourses by the system of Western Union, I think that it is most reliable and fast system of the remittances from one country to another.

That is why these women - family-oriented and from good homes - are looking for love outside their own towns.

And though many western men are becoming more interesting in dating Russian women, too often they do not consider the gorgeous women from Belarus!

I like to keep fit go to water arobics most mornings, learning to play bridge one morning a week I am trying my best to keep myself occupied.

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