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As one popular Reddit thread put it: "The Hunter dodge ability pales far in comparison to the Warlock and Titan [abilities]." It's easy to understand why players might feel this way.While Warlock-class players can heal fellow players and throw combustible grenades, and Titan class players can put up a defensive wall used by everyone, the Hunter is given a dodge as one of its special abilities — not exactly exciting.

Here's just some of what it says, care of Reddit user "Tresceneti": —"The game feels uncomfortable to play, it lost what made its gunplay/gameplay exciting and fun to play." —"Jumping.Many players have sunk hundreds if not thousands of hours into the first game.And thus, with the preliminary launch of the beta for "Destiny 2" this week, the series' most dedicated fans are sharing their opinions on the game's official Reddit page.In the case of the Warlock above, for instance, the super is a flaming sword that shoots flames and can be used to rip through enemies.These supers are woefully short-lived when executed; a lot of damage can be done while they're active, but they take quite some time before becoming available once more.Pulse rifles and submachines seem more on par with the rate of damage to enemies in the first game.

It just feels like a chore to kill enemies most of the time." —"I still very much enjoy 'Destiny' and am not meaning to ruffle feathers or ruin other guardians' fun.I've been gradually having more fun as I've played more of the beta, easing up on some of these things.But they're all still glaring issues to me and I'm genuinely not having fun."Does anyone else feel like supers take forever to get now?" one of the top-rated "Destiny 2" Reddit threads asked. You can be sure to find many, many more strong opinions on the "Destiny 2" beta in the game's official Reddit forum as the days go on, and even more after the game launches on September 6 for Xbox One and Play Station 4 (it's set to arrive on PC soon after, on October 24).But the meat and potatoes of "Destiny" (and "Destiny 2") is playing with friends online.

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