Adult sex dating in fayette mississippi

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Adult sex dating in fayette mississippi

Also note that there are instances of abbreviations describing the type of document as follows: BOS = Bill of Sale DOC = Deed of Conveyance DOG = Deed of Gift DOT = Deed of Trust POA = Power of Attorney #xxxx = represents the actual "case" or jacket numbers for the particular document. Shields dec'd to his heirs Samuel William Shields (son of said deceased) and Nat Holman "(son of the widow of said John T. Also Probate (Min)/ B, 104 Nancy relinquished her right to John Murchison's estate and took what she would get in TX in case of intestate death. Nancy and the dependent children moved in 1850 to Williamson Cnty, TX. Note - Stephen Townsend was the appointed guardian for the property of the Murchison minors in 1850. Williams; Titus to Isaac Killogh; Amy children to E. York Daniel Giles Tom Bob Cudjoe Abram Sam Dave Dick Primus Olive Jane (Oive's Chd) Louis (Olive's Chd) Lydia (Olive's Chd) Nancy Emeline (Nancy's Chd) Francis (Nancy's Chd) Rachael Unnamed (Rachl's Chd) Unnamed (Rachl's Chd) Louiza Succession of John T. Shields dec'd by a second marriage.)We the undersigned Commissioners do certify that the foregoing apportionment is stricktly in accordance with the decree of said Court of Fayette County commanding us to divide the foregoing negroes in 2 parcels of 5/6 to one and 1/6 to the other. (From: Fayette Cnty TX Rootsweb, as Abstracted July 2000 by Leona Mastan from microfilms). Upon Townsend's death, Daniel Gregory was appointed guardian of the minors in Feb-1852. Rankin (Seal)" Lucy Ann and Isaac are property of the Minor Elizabeth Mayo, whose Guardian is Cha S. Note: In 1850, Longcape ennumerated these slaves as his - not acting as agent or Guardian for Elizabeth (who appears as 7 and living in his household in 1850).

While this is a work in progress, we believe there is enough information collected here to let others start to look into their histories from Fayette County. one a man named Bartlet about 35 yrs of age the other named Phyllis a woman about 22 yrs old ... In testimoney whereof I have therunto signed my mane affixed my seal this 4th day of Marh 1839. Savery" * Ages are based on listed approximate ages in partition information listed Dec-1852 (See Probate (Rcd)-C212-213).

and conveyed unto Mahala Keys a certain negro man by the name of Isac, about 28 yrs old, … Grayson (of Fayette Cnty) have this day bargained & sold … Holman of said cnty and state for an in consideration of the sum of 0 to me in hand paid … The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas I have this day for a valuable consideration made and executed to the said Henry Rohde my two certain promisory notes ...

Cox of (Fayette Cnty) for and in consideration of the sum of 0 to me in hand paid have bargained … Green (See Deeds D, 506-507) (DOG) To all whom it may concern, … Fergusson of the Cnty of Fayette, …this 27th day of Oct A. 1845 freely and equally give unto my son and daughter Napoleon B, Fergusson and Elizabeth Ann Virginia Fergusson all the following named property to wit ... Mary and her 2 children Sarah and Spencer, Rachel, America, Sopha, and Elizabneth with all their increase ...affixed my seal this the day and date above written, in presence of. To wit - Doctor, aged about 26 yrs of yellow complexion & Martha his wife aged aged about 32 yrs of black complexion and her 4 children to wit, Patience aged 6 yrs, malinda aged about 4 yrs, Julia about 2-1/2 and the infant now at the breast of said Martha to have ...

the last 2 mentioned children forever separately ... Barrier fully consent and concur in the above and sign and seal this instrument as her husband and in presence of witnesses Test Robert Sellers, Thos W.

Ballew 3 negro slaves (viz) Betsy a woman about 22 yrs old of dark yellow complexion; Josiah a boy about 2 yrs old black; and Cary about about 3 yrs old to have ...

Meriwether BOS Know all men that for and in consideration of 00 to us in hand payed by James C.

Grahams propety shall never be bound for any of my contracts whatever nor for any of my debts whatsoever this is my agreement to M. Graham wherein we mutually agree to the above written contact for ever we set our hand and seal this 18th of May 1844. Given under my hand and seal this 22nd day of August A. a certain negro boy named Jack about 25 or 26 yrs of age about 5 or 6 feet in height and of dark complexion a slave for life ... Mayfield 3 certain negros, viz., John aged about 23 yrs, Dinah aged about 40 yrs, and Rachael aged about 17 yrs; which said negro boy and 2 girls are now in the possession of John H. Petitioner requests permission to resend order to sell Ceasar, as he is Blacksmith and more valuable to estate by hiring out than selling off. Mc Fall" (Petition to Hire out Slave until Sold) Euphana Cobb, late Hudson, prays for permission to hire out Ceasar until he is sold under order of the Court. for and in consideration of the sum of 00 to me in hand paid … Breeding her heir and assigns, all of my right, title, interest and claim which I have as one of my heirs at law of David Breeding dec'd to all his personal & real estate (to wit) 11 Negros - Tom, Charles, Henrietta and Nancy and all their children and future increase ...affix my seal this 13th day May A. for the consideration of 0 to me cash in hand paid this 12th day of January A.

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